The Seattle Seahawks boast an MVP candidate at quarterback with a group of uber talented position players. If this team had a solid defensive group backing them up, we could be looking at two undefeated teams instead of one. 

This offense has been averaging 434 yards per game while putting up 34 points per game. The reason that the Seahawks are sitting at 6-2 is based on their offensive production that has overwhelmed most teams. The one liability that has come to light during Seattle’s two losses is their inefficient defense. The defense is giving up 27 points per game and giving up 466 yards per game. The defense has kept weak offenses such as Miami under 25 points per game, but when they are facing the elite offenses they seem to be giving up 30+ points every time. This was even more evident when they gave up 44 points to the Buffalo Bills and another MVP candidate in Josh Allen. This is evident in this video where Josh Allen had enough time to survey the field without any pressure and was able to find the open man. 

Russell Wilson has been playing out of his mind, and D.K Metcalf and Tyler Lockett have both been playing at high levels. At the start of the season, the offense was able to mask up some of the weaknesses on defense but now the Seahawks have lost the last two of their three games. While the absence of Jamal Adams has been hurting the Seattle defense, he was suited up and on the field against the Bills and yet they gave up a season high 44 points. The problem is a very lackluster rush that puts too much pressure on a secondary that has a star in Adams. If the Seahawks can salvage some kind of rush, then they would be setting the defense on the right course. While the Seattle defense will never be anything like that of the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, they can still improve enough to give their offense a little bit of support. Wilson and the offense will be the better unit this season, they can’t get in shootouts every single weekend, especially when it comes to playoff times, and that task lies with the defense. 

Top Image: AP Images/Jeffery T. Barnes

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