The NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been a strong supporter of the NBA starting on Christmas Day. With the NBA bubble just ending, it seems like Silver wants to get the NBA back to their normal schedule of ending somewhere in the summer or spring. If the NBA does start then they would need to get the NBA draft and free agency out of the way before any kind of season can start. Could this really happen or would it be too hard for even the NBA to pull off. 

The NBA board is backing a 72 game season that would start on Christmas Day. This is giving teams that have just played super intense basketball in the NBA bubble only around 10 weeks to recover and prepare for a full season. An NBA season can take a toll on these players’ bodies and that is why they need an offseason to get their body back to 100%. Stars such as Lebron James, 36 in December, use their entire offseason to get healthy, but if the NBA does confirm a Christmas Day start then there will be many eyes on how players such as James manage a 72 game season with a shortened offseason. If the NBA confirms this plan, then they will need to make sure that all their players are at top health. 

One of the other issues that have risen up with a Christmas Day start is free agency and the draft. Both of these major offseason events have yet to start, and with only 1 month until December both of these events will be rushing to finish by Christmas. Some of these young players selected in the draft will have limited time to acclimate to their new team, and this could affect their early growth. With the draft set for November 18th it is highly unlikely that there will be a summer league, which can hurt teams looking for quality players in the late rounds. The NBA free agency is set to start right after the draft, and this will give players signing with new teams very little time to gain familiarity with the new system. One of the themes running along these two events is that these new players will have limited time to get comfortable with their team, and if the NBA can find a way to fix this problem then many people will feel comfortable with a December restart. 

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