A New Sleeper Rises in the East

The NBA offseason was underway Monday, and two teams come to my mind when I think of offseason winners. The Lakers, and the Hawks. Maybe Phoenix. Los Angeles added Trez Harrell, which was surprising considering that Harrell is a former Clipper. But, L.A. is a city of defending champions, so their moves may not be of as much importance as the moves of Atlanta. After this offseason ends, analysts and reporters will all start to talk about how the Hawks made great moves to put themselves in playoff position.

True Contenders in the NFL

We are nine weeks into the NFL season, and inconsistency has been seen throughout the league. Take Tampa Bay for example. One week we may get the high flying, 46 point offense that we saw against Carolina, and the next week it can be the Buccaneers who put up three points, and allowed 38 to New Orleans. The Ravens fell to the 3-5 Patriots, and the Packers have been on and off. In this article, I bring you the true contenders to take it all. (In no particular order)