The Nba Draft was set to have three top prospects, each talented enough to make a claim for the first overall pick. When the Minnesota Timberwolves won the first overall pick, it became clear that they were looking for a star alongside D’Angelo Russell and Karl Anthony-Towns. Did the T-Wolves make the right decision by going with Anthony Edwards from Georgia?

One of the three top prospects, James Wisemen, was ruled out of the equation the moment the T-Wolves won the first pick. The Timberwolves already have a star at center, KAT, and it seemed unlikely that they would waste a top pick on a player that would be on the bench. This left the two wings, LaMelo Ball and Edwards, for the Timberwolves to choose from. The case for Ball is quite large. He is a skilled passer that can create shots for himself and his team. After playing overseas in Australia, we saw his passing and playmaking on full display. The one downside for picking Ball is his defense. Ball is a liability on defense, one that he makes up for on offense, but the Timberwolves can not afford to add any more defense liabilities to their team. The top two starts in Minnesota, Russell and Towns, both struggle on the defensive side of the court. Pairing Ball in Minnesota would make for a great offensive attack, but would lead to a horrible defense with three subpar defenders in the starting lineup. 

The other top prospects have drawbacks if the T-Wolves were to draft them, but Edwards seemed to be a lock from day 1. Edwards is a better defender then Ball and while he does not possess the passing skills like Ball, he can finish at the rim and compliment the pick and roll with Russell and Towns. There is much room for Edwards to improve on both sides of the floor, but if Minnesota can maximize his potential then the T-Wolves could have themselves a big three. 

Top Image: CBS Sports/Kyle Boon

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