Tom Brady shook the sports world when he announced that he would be leaving the Patriots and moving to Tampa to play with the Buccaneers. Tom Brady is 43 years old, and in sports the maximum most players stay in the league is late 30s. This seemed to be Tom Brady’s one last shot of getting a title before he called it quits, and the pieces around Brady were phenomenal. The defense is one of the best in the league, and Brady is surrounded by weapons, Mike Evans and Antonio Brown just to name a few. One question still remains. Why are the Bucs not at the top of the NFC with such a talented squad. After losing to the L.A Rams, the Bucs fall to 7-4 holding the sixth spot in the NFL playoffs. While this is not entirely bad, the Bucs were expecting to win games against top teams such as the Rams and Saints. With their only statement win coming against a Packers team that just had a close call with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Bucs have not compiled a huge case as favorites to come out of the NFC. When looking at the teams performance, it seems that much of the blame for the 4 losses sits with Brady. He has 9 interceptions which is more than he had all of last season with the Patriots, and just had another costly interception during a potential game winning drive. 

While the interception numbers are a big reason why the Bucs are losing games, it is also because Brady and his receivers do not seem to be on the same page. There have been multiple 3rd down plays where Brady and his receivers are not on the same page resulting in an incompletion, which can have major repercussions on the game. Not only is Brady not on the same page as his team, but there also seems to be moments where Brady makes mistakes or turnovers that we would not expect out of a veteren. 

This Tampa Bay team is super talented on both sides of the ball, but if they want to make any kind of run they will need a couple more stellar performances from the six time super bowl champion Tom Brady. All the pieces are in place for this team, but they will be going only as far as Brady takes them. 

Top Image: Associated Press

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