How good is the Bucs offense

Obviously, this offense will be better than before with the addition of Gronkowski. The chemistry between Brady and Gronk proved them to be one of the greatest quarterback-tight end duos in history. Gronk may not be in the perfect shape as he was in before, but he will still be yet another key target. Tom Brady has countless options to throw to, and I guess all he needs is a star running back!

Loss of production for receivers 

The Bucs are now a very good offense, more than they were before. We already knew Tom Brady was going to take these guys to the next level, but add tight end and they are now really rolling. The thing about this trade, is will the Bucs be able to spread the ball enough. You have two receivers coming off thousand plus yard seasons last year and now you add a very good tight end. I don’t know if this will be a perfect fit in Tampa Bay for this group. When Gronk was with the Patriots he was one of the top targets for Tom Brady. Now with Brady coming to Tampa, he won’t be able to keep everyone happy. Goodwin and Evans might take a dip in the targets this upcoming year. With that being said, they might be ok with that, after how many wins this team will get.

Will Gronk return to his former glory?

Gronk has been partying a lot and is probably out of shape. His return to the NFL may be a slow one, especially on the conditioning side. If Gronk can pull it together and train hard, I can see him coming close to what he was. Although it would be tough to be as dominant as he was. This is a player that just absolutely killed people during his time in the league. And this is just something that will be hard to do when he returns to the league. But he can still come close to something of his former self, if he really wants to. 

When Gronk retired he made it seem like football was taking his life away and that he wanted to quit for a long time. Now all of the sudden he misses his old bud and wants to come back. It seems very arbitrary for this to happen and leaves the football fans with a lot of questions. The bottom line is that Gronks return is one that definitely won’t be easy especially if he wants to be as good as he was

Are the Bucs a Division front runner ?

This is a Bucs team that made quite a splash when they grabbed Tom Brady from the Pats. So much that Tom is even trademarking his own shirts about his move to Tampa Bay. If anyone can add some use to this offense it’s Gronk, he is one of the more entertaining players in the NFL. This team compared to other teams in the NFC South might be a tight race in the past, but now we see a front runner. The Bucs look like the best team in the NFC South even with their defensive woes.They might be a team that just outscores their opponents and that will be enough to win the division over the Saints.

Can anyone stop the Bucs? 

This question is one that many are really asking, not exaggerating. With another weapon on offense for TB, it just makes you think that the Bucs are even more unstoppable. Tampa doesnt have an easy schedule, so 16-0 maybe shouldn’t be the expectation. To answer the question, yes, some teams will be able to stop the Bucs, but it will take a lot of superpower, especially on defense. 

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