In this article, I bring a very bold prediction to the table. My prediction is that this year, the Washington Redskins will make the playoffs. Yes, the Redskins who were the second-worst team in the league in 2019. With Alex Smith, the Redskins went 6-3 before the injury, sitting in at the top of the division. We are going to take you guys through the ride of the Redskins in 2018. 

The Washington Redskins have been a struggling franchise for quite some time. They have made the playoffs just twice since 2010, both those years being Wild Card exits. When they acquired Alex Smith, they thought that he could change this program around. Well, he did for the first nine weeks, until he suffered a terrible injury. He would be out for more than a year, which meant the Redskins were right where they did not want to be. 

Week 10, 2018

Houston Texans @ Washington Redskins

At this point in the year, Redskins fans were used to picking up W´s more than losses now. Alex Smith was comfortable in this franchise, and he was playing decent ball, good enough for a trip to the postseason. Then, it all changed. It was a 3rd & 9, Redskins were threatening in Texans territory. Alex Smith was scrambling out of the pocket, Texans defenders were right in his face. Before he knew it, he was getting clamped by two defenders, which led to a compound fracture in his right leg. 

That’s enough of the injury, let’s move on to the bright side. 

Through Smith’s ten games with Washington, he was putting up good numbers. He had a 62.5% completion rating, along with 2180 yards, ten touchdowns, and five interceptions. When you look at the way he was playing, he was able to deliver the ball in tight windows, accurately. He found a way to find an open receiver, extending drives, which lead to points. 10 touchdowns in nine games may not stand out, but he won games. Just what the Redskins needed. They don’t need a QB who can throw 20 touchdowns in ten games but can only win 4 of the 10. They need a winner. And that is exactly what they had in Smith. Now, he may not be some of what he used to be, but hopefully, he isn’t too different. 

2020 opponents:

The Redskins opponents in 2020 will feature some tough matchups, but also play fairly weaker teams. Some of their weaker opponents include Detroit, Cincinnati, Arizona, and Carolina. These games will be close, but Alex Smith has shown his composure through tough games. As for the division rivals, those are the teams Washington plays every year. The Giants shouldn’t be too much of an issue, the Cowboys and Eagles will be good games though. Baltimore and Seattle are the toughest opponents the Redskins will play this year, games that will heavily favor the opposing team. All in all, this team has the mentality to win, they just need to show that they can win big games. 

When you look at the changes the Redskins have made since Alex Smith´s injury, there have been some key departures: Jay Gruden, Trent Williams (demanded a trade), Josh Doctson, and others on the defensive end. Smith will be playing under a new head coach, one that has been to the playoffs, and the Super Bowl. If Alex Smith is good under Ron Rivera´s playcalling, then things will go very well for the franchise. The offense took strides last year towards getting better and with a strong group of RBs and some receivers this team could make a move.

This is a very hot take, and many people would disagree, but I think that with the addition of Terry McLaurin, and Chase Young on the defensive side, the ´Skins will be a team to watch out for. Redskins fans have been waiting for the playoff years to finally come back, and this year may be it. With a team mixed with veteran presence, and young talent, it shows the balance that they have on the field. Hopefully this team will eventually shock the football world, showing their ability to win games, especially in the playoffs. When the postseason opportunity comes, they will all be ready. 

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