The 2020 draft is just around the corner and the QB class is one of the best in a few years. There are a lot of talented quarterbacks that have finished their college career and are about to be in brand new teams. There is no shortage for quarterbacks in this draft and we could see many potentials rookie of the year candidates next year. This article will talk about the top QBs in this class and where they could go in this draft. 

  1. Joe Burrow

Destinations – Cincinnati Bengals

There is only one place that the kid from Ohio is going in the draft. We have seen story after story about how Burrow going to the Bengals and there is no doubt he will be going there. He would be taking over for Andy Dalton who was been slinging the pigskin around in Cinci for a way to long now. Burrows fit to Bengals is definitely questionable. Especially from our point of view here at RTT. But if he does mesh with this team you are looking at a threat on offense with AJ Green and Tyler Boyd. The only question left for the Bengals is are they going to mesh, otherwise we could see them at the bottom of the draft next year.

  1. Tua Tagovailoa

Destinations – Miami Dolphins

Tua to Miami has been the writing on the wall for most of last year. Now the draft is here and the fins owner even has said he prefers Tua over Herbert. His fit in the offense should transition just fine, but can Tua stay healthy. The Fins have to upgrade their o linemen and get a few more receivers in order to fully stock Tua. The defense made some great strides this year, but the offense still doesn’t look to strong. That will be the one thing in the way from a Dolphins playoff berth. I would say there are other options for Tua here, but we are one day away from the Draft and the owner is pointing one way. Hopefully, the rest of their first rounders bring some more talent to the team.

  1. Justin Herbert 

Destinations – Los Angles Chargers, Jaxonville Jaguars

LAC- Although the Chargers seem like they are ok with Tyrod Taylor, there is still a chance they with a QB here. Herbert would be a great fit here and the chargers already have a lot of weapons on offense. They have some great talent and maybe a new QB would turn this franchise in the right direction.

JAX- The Jags are in the market for a QB, but do they want to make a switch in the draft. Many people are saying that the right way to go for the Jags is to let Minshew develop, but I don’t know if this is the best option. They have a few options on offense and the Jags could really use some improvement this year.

  1. Jordan Love 

Destinations – Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders

IND- The Colts have had rumors that they are also going to grab Love, yet once again we aren’t really sure. We think this is the more likely option for Love and if it happens, it will happen here. The Colts also have the 2nd pick in the second round. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Love go there. 

LVR- The Raiders are have been rumored to grab a QB with their pick, but I am not completely sure if they are going to do that. If they do though Jordan Love is the top option at where they will be drafting. It is highly unlikely that anyone in front of him will be around late in the round for the Raiders. If they do pick Love, I think it would be likely that they make it a QB competition. 

  1. Jalen Hurts

Destinations – New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders

NE- The Patriots have just lost their QB, after having a solid option in TB for many years. Hurts has been said to go to New England for a while and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill picked up one of his old friends QBs, in Nick Saban. Hurts played well at OU and has moved his draft stock up steadily. If he can beat out Jarret Stidham in a QB competition then he could be the new top dog in New England.

LVR- It would be interesting to see if Jalen lasts into the third round because if he does he will likely go to the Raiders. It would be even more interesting to see if the Raiders grab CeeDee with their first rounder. That would pair the OU products together in Oakland. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hurts beat out Carr in that scenario. Otherwise, a good old fashion QB competition is heading to Las Vegas.

Top Picture- Sean Meagher/Oregonian/OregonLive

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