After the Group stage in the World Cup the remaining top two teams advance to the knockout stage. Likewise in this NBA Playoffs, World Cup format we have added the remaining teams to the knockout stage. All group winners will face runner ups from different groups.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Dallas Mavericks, DAL win 4-3

This series looked one sided but ended up being quite entertaining. 3 out of the 7 games went into overtime including games 6 and 7. The Bucks lead 3-2 before game 6 and the Mavericks just turned it up. They won game 6, 130-126 in OT and game 7, 137-135 in OT.

Los Angles Clippers vs Oklahoma Thunder, LAC wins 4-2

The Clippers jumped up to a 2-0 lead before the Thunder were truly ready. Although the hone crowd surged them on as they tied the series up. But Chris Paul and Steven Adams used everything that was in the tank and lost the next. two games.

Toronto Raptors vs Memphis Grizzlies, TOR wins 4-0

This one was tough to watch as the Grizzlies cinderella story ended and the defending champions emerged. Defense was key in this one and Memphis just wasn’t ready. The Raptors put up 120 plus in every game outscoring the Griz with ease and moving on unfazed.

Los Angles Lakers vs Houston Rockets, LAL wins 4-3

The Lakers took over early getting up 2-0 before Houston bounced back. They got the next two games in Houston with the Harden and Westbrook taking over. After that the series went back in forth before the Lakers took game 7 101-100.

Semi Finals

Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angles Clippers , LAC wins 4-3

The Mavs took a 2-1 lead winning games 2 and 3. After that Kawhi flipped the switch, the Clippers won the next two before Dallas bounced back. The series got tied up and the Clippers took them down in game 7. The final score was 116-112.

Toronto Raptors vs Los Angles Lakers, LAL wins 4-3

The Lakers and Raptors would be one of the ideal situations for a championship featuring the East and the West, but they play each other a game early. This series goes back and forth again all the way to the end where Lowry and co fall 120-118.


Los Angles Clippers vs Los Angles Lakers, LAL wins 4-2

Lebron turns on playoff mode and AD goes off the Lakers take the 2-0 lead and keep a two-game lead for the whole series till the end. When the Clippers look like they might come back after a game 5 they lost in game 6. One thing that definitely helped the Lakers is that no one had a home court.

WINNER- Los Angles Lakers

Top Picture: VAUGHN RIDLEY / Getty Images

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