Top ten College Basketball Players (2019-2020)

In this article I rank the top ten players in College Basketball this season. 

**Some players may be left out because of injuries. **

10. Tre Jones, Sophomore, Duke

Tre Jones had a great second year at Duke, proving to be the centerpiece of this offense. During the course of the season, we saw continuous improvement in his shooting game. Jones also took his confidence to the next level. This season he realized that he is the man who will have the last shot going down the stretch. One example of his clutchness down the stretch is the game-tying shot against North Carolina. Tre lost the ball, recovered it, then put up a jumper that went in. Even though he is in his second season, he plays like a senior. If we see Jones playing like this for the rest of his career at Duke, it’ll be scary to see what he will do during March Madness. 

9. Myles Powell, Senior, Seton Hall

In his last year with Seton Hall, Myles Powell gave the Pirated exactly what they asked for. Powell averaged 21 points per game, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. A couple of his best games include a 37 point performance against Michigan State, and a 32 point game against Oregon. Throughout the season, he had dealt with some injuries, which led to him missing some time. I think if Powell didn’t suffer the ankle injury, his draft stock would be higher. 

8. Vernon Carey, Freshman, Duke

This year, Vernon Carey surprised a lot of people with his performance on the court. Carey was a constant threat in the paint, and had a lot of moves up his sleeve to fool defenders. He averaged 17.8 points and 8.8 rebounds as a freshman. Too bad his skill and performance is over at Duke. Carey announced that he will be declaring for the draft, and will be a “one and done” athlete. Someone I can compare him to in the NBA is either Domantas Sabonis, or Marvin Bagley. 

7. Markus Howard, Senior, Marquette

The senior campaign for Markus Howard was one to remember. Howard averaged 27.8 points per game, along with 46.1% from beyond the arc. Howard was the kind of guy who knew what the defense was going to give him, and had a plan to get around them. In the NBA, be sure to expect the same competitiveness he played with in college. I would’ve loved to see Howard thrive in March Madness, but we will not get to see him compete for a National Championship.

6. Cassius Winston, Senior, Michigan State

In his last year at Michigan State, Cassius Winston made sure to not take one step back. He didn’t get a chance to lead Michigan State in March Madness, but he left a great legacy in Lansing. Winston averaged 19 points, with 3 rebounds and six assists. Cassius Winston is the type of player who can give consistent play each game. He will help the team even if he’s shooting 1-15 from the field. Because of this type of play, Winston eventually developed into a leader at MSU and the rest is history. 

5. Devon Dotson, Sophomore, Kansas

Devon Dotson had a great second year at Kansas, and has a great future ahead of him. The unique thing about Dotson is his dual-threat ability. Dotson has strengths both on the offensive and defensive end. This season, he made a 6 point difference in points per game, and also improved on steals, assists, and rebounds. Soon, Dotson will become a leader of this team and put up more numbers that Jayhawk fans would like. 

4. Luke Garza, Junior, Iowa

Luke Garza did a lot to excite fans at Iowa. In his last season as a Hawkeye, Garza averaged 24 points per game, with ten rebounds, and almost two blocks per game. He was a stat sheet stuffer. Game in and game out Garza put up big numbers to help Iowa win. Soon, he should be one of the rising centers in the NBA. In big games, Luke was also putting up numbers, not staying shy. No matter the opponent, he made sure to give 110% effort and not let his team down. 

3. Udoka Azubuike, Senior, Kansas

In his final season as a Jayhawk, Udoka Azubuike made grand improvements to help his basketball game. In a four month span during the summer of 2019, Azubuike lost 40 pounds, helping his mobility and overall speed. He had hopes of leading Kansas to a National Championship, but unfortunately, the tourney did get canceled. Udoka shot 74% from the floor, and a threat defensively as well. The senior will hopefully continue to do good things in the NBA, and the NCAA will surely miss his competitiveness. 

2. Payton Pritchard, Senior, Oregon

The only Pac-12 player in my top ten, Payton Pritchard put on a show at Oregon mainly because of his excellent shooting. Shooting over 40% from three-point range, Pritchard led his conference in not only scoring, but also assists. The Ducks will also miss Payton because of his ability to deliver during clutch moments. An example of his clutchness was in the game against Washington. Tied at 61, Oregon had the ball with 7 seconds to go. Of course, the ball was in Pritchard’s hands. Pritchard crossed over right, drove inside, took a big step back, and launched a very long three. The ball goes through the net, and the Ducks beat the Washington Huskies in overtime. I think that he will be a steal in the draft, providing consistent shooting to whichever team lands him. 

  1. Obi Toppin, Sophomore, Dayton

When people hear the name Obi Toppin, they automatically think of his outstanding dunks that he made over his two year career at Dayton. Toppin has made Dayton a fun team to watch, and brought the attention of many fans to the Atlantic 10. Obi averaged 20 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists each game. It will be interesting to see the role he gets in the NBA, and how the team plays around him. The excitement has already come to see him thrive in leading an NBA team to contention. Whichever team ends up landing Toppin should know that they are in good hands for the future. 

Top Photo: Baltimore Sun

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