The NBA is an ever changing environment, and teams rise and fall throughout the eras. This article will go into depth about the three teams that I think have improved the most since last season. I will be focusing on the teams that have improved the most, and not teams that may be recovering from a loss or simply staying atop their respective conference.

L.A Lakers 

This team had just gotten a tenth place finish in the western conference, and were trying to build a contender around Lebron James. They traded many of their young players for Anthony Davis, and that one move seems to have pushed them atop the western conference. With a full season of King James and Davis, the Lakers are benefiting from having two top five players on their roster. Along with their two superstars, the Lakers have added many veterans that may be on their decline, but could add one quality season for cheap. 

L.A Clippers 

The Clippers were able to make the playoffs last season, but only got the 8th seed and had to play the Warriors. The 2018-2019 Clippers were a team of role players that had a couple of players step up, and really adopted the underdog mentality. This would not be able to get them to the championship, and the front office knew this. They were able to sign Kawhi Leonard, the 2019 finals MVP, and trade for Paul George. With these two transactions, this team was pushed to the top of the western conference. The Clippers were able to get superstars on this team, without giving up all of its depth and this is what led to such a fast jump into the championship talks.

Miami Heat

The Heat may not have taken the leaps that the Clippers or Lakers have, but I think that the jumps that they have made would be enough to put them on this list. The Heat made a 10th place standing, and have now jumped up to 4th on the eastern conference standing. They were able to do a sign and trade with the 76ers for Jimmy Butler that instantly boosted this team up. The Heat have also benefited from the breakout of many young stars like Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro. This team may be one more step from title contention, but they seem to be done recovering from the Lebron James era and ready to move on to the next era.  

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