As the return of preseason college football returns after a delay, we will dive into a new CFP picture. We will take a look at the top teams from 2020 and put them through the simulator based on their season schedule. We will talk about the top 6 teams at the end of our simulated season.

1. Clemson Tigers, 13-0

Clemson goes undefeated in our simulator a perfect 13-0 in our 2020 season. They had a few close games against Norte Dame and FSU. Even though FSU had a tough year in our simulator they stuck with the Tigers till the very end. They would end up falling and the final score to that game was 45-40. Notre Dame game had more defense, but they couldn’t keep Clemson in all 4 quarters. The final score was 31-27. Dabo’s team had 40 plus in 11 of their games this year and finsihed with a win against UNC in the ACC Championship.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes, 12-1

OSU is one of the top teams on the radar in 2020 and rightfully so. Justin Fields showed out in our simulated season and they almost went undefeated. The Buckeye’s only loss of the season was at home against the Michigan Wolverines. Michigan just didn’t stay atop the Big 10 and OSU won the Big 10 championship. They also got tested early against Oregon, where they got taken all the way to double OT before pulling out the victory. They also almost lost to Penn State in Beaver Stadium but pulled it out late once again.

3. Oklahoma Sooners 12-1

Oklahoma Sooners have a few changes this year, but once again their offense never skips a beat. Spencer Rattler leads his team to 11 games with 40 or more points. OU’s only lost came against Oklahoma State who only lost once against OU in the Big 12 championship. OU played very good football and the played great defense all year. Oklahoma loss came when they didn’t have their offense going. Both their games against OSU they were held under 30 but their defense bailed them out in the final matchup. The Sooners fall behind the Buckeyes because of the buckeyes SOS and them being more dominant against their opponents. ‘

4. Georgia Bulldogs 12-1

Georgia sneaks into the playoff race with even though they only had one loss on the year. The Auburn Tigers had an undefeated season heading into the matchup against Georgia in the championship. Sadly for all Tigers fans, they fell in OT in the SEC championship game. The final score was 40-38. The Bulldogs had a good year overall but lost to Auburn early in the season. When the season was on the line the Bulldogs came though finally going back to the playoffs. This is the third year in a row a transfer QB has taken the fourth seed.

5. Auburn Tigers 12-1

The Tigers had one of the biggest letdowns ever after falling to Georgia in the SEC championship. They had a season that exceeded all their expectations and should truly be proud of what they did. Wins against Alabama, Georgia, LSU, UNC, and Texas A&M is no easy task, especially with all of those teams being in the final top 25. They even took the number one seed at one point in the season. Unfortunately they won’t able to hold it, although the season will always be remembered for Auburn fans.

6. Oklahoma State Cowboys 12-1

OSU had almost the exact same season as the Auburn Tigers this year. They took everyone be storm by just dominating everyone and getting everyone. They would lose to their rivals in the Big 12 championship game after the most surprising season in a very long time. No one expected them to be number 2 in the nation, but they were there. They were at number 3 and OU was number 5 before they lost 28-24. They knocked off Texas, OU, Oregon State, and Baylor. They had the season in the playoffs in their reach, unfortunately it didn’t end the right way for them.

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