A lot of moves were made during this offseason, moving teams in better or worse positions than they were in last year. Some teams may remain in the bottom of the league, while others will have a new outlook on the year contrary to last season. In this article, I will give my 5 teams who I predict to be at the bottom of the league, tanking for a high draft spot. Two names that come to my mind when thinking about teams who should tank for a quarterback are Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence. 

5. Detroit Lions

After giving away Darius Slay this past offseason, the Detroit Lions are looking to build their new rosters with a lot of young talent. Picking up Jeff Okudah from the draft was a great start, but they need to acquire more weapons to surround Matt Stafford’s offense. We all know that Stafford is on the down slope of his career, and may be looking to head to retirement soon. If the Lions want to have a good future, I think the main key is to avoid having a pick between 13-17 in the draft. If they are able to pull a star, Detroit could end up having a dangerous team in the coming years. But for now, I don’t see them going anywhere, especially in the NFC North. 

4. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers will be heading into the 2020 season with a new head coach and quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater will not have many weapons other than Christian McCaffrey, but has shown that he can still get the job done. On the other hand, the Panther defense isn’t looking too strong anymore. Luke Kuechly retired, and cornerback James Bradberry is now a Giant. This team is set up well for the future, but as for 2020, I don’t think things will go too well. They need one more weapon on both sides of the ball, along with a decent offensive line. Another factor is the fact that they will be playing Tampa Bay, New Orleans, and Atlanta twice each this season. Matt Rhule may be able to surprise people this year, but I still think that Carolina will still end up with a top ten pick without a doubt. 

3. New York Giants

Giants fans don’t want to have yet another season without the playoffs, but I think that the 2020 campaign will be somewhat similar to 2019. Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley have shown great talent on the field, but the team as a whole hasn’t figured out how to play together. A lot of inconsistent play was noticeable from New York last year, and injuries also hurt them. The Giants drafted Andrew Thomas with the fourth pick, so they do know what position they need to address. But the main problem is putting all of their components together. They may have a game where Daniel Jones throws for 275 yards and 2 touchdowns, but the next week will be a completely different story. If the inconsistency stops, this team can contend for a playoff spot. But until then, Giants fans may not get what they want in the near future. 

2. New England Patriots

The media has created some hype for Jarrett Stidham this year, but most people know that he will most likely not take the Pats back to the playoffs this year. The receivers for New England aren’t very reliable other than Julian Edelman, and the defense will be looking a little different in 2020. Names like Kyle Van Noy and Jamie Collins are a couple of the guys who left the Patriots. Not to mention that Stidham will be a first year starter this season. Bill Bellicheck may put some magic together in New England, but I think it definitely won’t be enough to compete for a spot in the postseason. 

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

After a failed experiment with Nick Foles, the Jacksonville Jaguars are relying on second-year man Gardner Minshew to start in Jacksonville. In Week 1 of last season, Foles suffered a terrible injury that would leave him on the bench for a while. The Jags didn’t like what they saw in the rest of the games Foles played in, and therefore gave him to Chicago. The best player in Jacksonville (Leonard Fournette) did not sign an extension, and likely will be leaving next season. Those are a couple of the reasons on why I think that Duval Nation will end up being the number one candidate for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. If the Jaguars end up landing one of those two, they will start with a couple of good receivers in DeDe Westbrook and D.J. Chark Jr. 2020 won’t be a fun year for Jags fans, but the future will be looking a lot better.

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