The NBA is back! Fans and players have been anxiously waiting until they can finally say that sentence. Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the NBA season has been halted, and sports fans have been left with nothing at all. That is all changing as the NBA has approved a day for the NBA to return. That fateful day on July 31st will feature 22 teams that will be fighting for the 16 playoff spots before going into a normal playoff setup. We will be looking over what this means for the players and the fans. 

The Fans

Every single NBA fan is rejoicing at the news that they will have some basketball to watch. We will be getting an 8 game regular season that consists of 22 teams. That is 176 games that will be played before the playoffs start. We will all be hype and ready for the playoffs to start, and many people think that we will get a standard playoff setting. The one thing that many people will be noticing that is different from a regular NBA game is that their will most likely be no fans during any games(This is not confirmed, but since sports like soccer are going down the path of no spectators we are expecting the NBA to do the same thing).The bottom line is that the NBA is starting, and this means good things for any fan.

The Players

There have been many different opinions around the NBA about whether the season should start. The fact is that the NBA is starting, and many players will be heading to Orlando to finish out the season. This will be a new experience for all of the players, as they will be playing at the same location every single game. This takes away the advantages of home court, and there is no difference between the fourth and fifth seed. These players will also have to adapt to an environment without fans, which will be quite an experience. Overall, many of the players will be glad to be back, and should be eager that they can finally start hooping again. 

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