After we simulated the NFL regular season for both the NFC and the AFC it is time for the playoffs. We have now also simulated the entire NFL Playoffs and will share the results with you now. The biggest storylines heading into the playoffs is how Kyler will react in a playoff game. The new playoff format only has the number one seed getting a bye while everyone else will have to play.

Wild Card


2. New Orleans Saints vs. 7. Atlanta Falcons

These two have played each other twice this year and split the season series. They now have a do or die game and it came down to the wire. Both teams went back in forth till the fourth quarter. With 1:40 to go Ryan threw a TD to Gurley to take a 4 point lead. The Bress and co went to work taking the lead with less then 10 seconds to go.

Final Score: NO 38 ATL 31

3. Minnesota Vikings vs 6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Vikings had a great year and unfortunately, they will head out of the playoffs early this year once again. Tom Brady and co go into another gear and take the lead early and never look back. The Bucs took a. 14-0 lead at the end of the first before the Vikings finally woke up and tried to make a move. From there it was just cruise control for Tom Brady who led the. offense down the field over and over again till it was over.

Final Score: TB 41 MIN 30

4. Dallas. Cowboys vs 5. San Fransisco 49ers

They had a back in forth rivalry for a while, but that has not been the case for a while. Now it seems like there is a chance for renewal after both teams getting a playoff matchup. The Cowboys came into this matchup very hungry after the media thrashed them for being in the playoffs at all. They start off hot and even have the halftime lead 24-21. That is when the Niners decided to turn it up and got the lead with 5 minutes to go in the game. 38-31. Then Dak and Zeke slowly moved down the field and scored with :20 seconds to go. Then Mike McCarthy decided to go for two and got it.

Final Score: DAL 39 SF 38


2. Baltimore Ravens vs 7. Indianapolis Colts

The Ravens offense just overpowered the Colts with their offense. The Colts just didn’t stand a chance after the Ravens were so hungry heading into the playoffs. The Colts hung in their for a while before they lost it in the forth. Lamar threw 5 touchdowns and ran for one as well.

Final Score: BAL 49 IND 34

3. Tennessee Titans vs 6. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Titans coming off a great 2019 campaign have a winning record this year and the third best in the AFC. The Steelers on the other hand finally had a healthy team this year and still have had an up and down year. They just can’t seem to click. The game was a defensive battle the entire time with the Titans coming out with a 6-3 halftime lead. It would be more of the same in the second half with a. field goal sealing it for the Titans.

Final Score TEN 13 PIT 10

4. Buffalo Bills vs 5. Cleveland Browns

The matchup of the 1st draft pick and 7th pick of the 2018 draft class going head to head. Something must of clicked inside Baker Mayfield because he just went off. He had 5 touchdowns and 0 picks in this Wild Card matchup. The Bills stayed in it for a while but in the end couldn’t hang with the Browns offense. In the forth Myles Garret would get the game winning sack to officially end it.

Final Score BUF 31 CLE 42

Divisional Matchups


1. Arizona Cardinals vs 6. Tampa Buccaneers

2. New Orleans Saints vs 4. Dallas Cowboys


1. Kansas City Chiefs vs 5. Cleveland Browns

2. Baltimore Ravens vs 3. Tennesse Titans

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