Superstar safety Jamal Adams has just released a request to be traded, and has brought speculation after speculation on where the Jets might trade him. Adams has set a list of eight teams that he wants to be traded too and among those teams are the Dallas Cowboys. After failing to snag legend Earl Thomas a year ago, this team is looking for a way to improve it’s secondary. With a chance of getting a young and talented safety, many people believe that the Cowboys and Adams is an ideal fit. 

The Cowboys have just suffered major losses on defense this offseason after losing star cornerback Byron Jones. The Cowboys could not match the offer of the Miami Dolphins, and saw their number one corner walking off to Florida. The Cowboys may have added Tevyon Diggs in the draft, but their secondary is still young and inexperienced. With the addition of star like Adams, we could see a defense that is transformed. By adding Adams the Cowboys would be balancing out a team that many seem to be stacked on offense, but their defense can’t catch up. Someone like Adams who has made two Pro Bowls and just made the first team All Pro last year, the Cowboys could have a stacked defense in addition to their offenses. 

Adding someone like Adams to a team that is already in contention could push this team into title talks. Some of the top teams in the league have preimer safeties such as the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. If the Cowboys want to replicate the success of such teams, what better way to do that then by investing in a young safety like Adams. Even though Adams might not be able to turn this defense around single handedly, his presence will be felt all over the defense. He can become a safety net for all of the young corners, and in turn their play will improve. Adams also makes quarterbacks hesitate throwing near him, and the d-line will get more time to rush the passer. 

With close to 72 million dollars in cap space the Cowboys should not feel afraid to go after Adams. Even though they would need to extend the star safety, they have enough space to work in an extension for quarterback Dak Prescott and Adams. At the end of the day, the Cowboys would be getting a difference maker on defense and they should pursue him at all costs.

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