1. Drew Brees and Micheal Thomas

Mike and Drew have shown relentless chemistry throughout the past few seasons, and have shown no signs of slowing down. They have a great amount of trust for each other, and when in a tight game, Brees knows that he has to throw it to Michael Thomas. These two have been through it all in the postseason, refs, and late game situations not going their way. If these two continue the pace that they are on right, we could see them in a potential Super Bowl matchup. 

  1. Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill

The defending champs showed why they are capable of winning big games last year. Tyreek Hill and Pat Mahomes paved the way for that explosive offense. With Mahomes’ ability to extend plays, it allows Hill to run all over the field to get open. The defenses these guys will play in their division arent the best, and Hill always finds a way to explode against corners and safeties. This duo is going to continue to impress fans on what they have been doing. 

  1. Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper

With the addition of CeeDee Lamb in the draft, many people think Cooper won’t get that many passes in his direction. That might be true for a little bit, but we have seen Dak and Amari play, and we saw what they are able to do when on the same page. Cooper brought light to the Cowboys offensively, and he will continue to do that regardless of any additions to the wideout core for this team. 

  1. Lamar Jackson and Marquise Brown

Lamar and Brown made quite a splash in last year’s campaign and they are now headed into the offseason after a disappointing playoff campaign. They are now more motivated than any other team in the league. If they can keep their chemistry solid, I have no doubt that this team will eventually be on top. Both of these players are explosive and they can make plays really quickly. With that extra motivation, this could be a really dangerous team in the upcoming 2020- 2021 season.

  1. Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins

One of the newest duos in the NFL is officially here after a trade during this offseason. For now, we are putting this duo at 5 because we haven’t seen them play, but they have the potential to be much higher. Hopkins has proven to be a star on the big stage and can continue in Kliff’s offense. The question remaining for this duo is if Kyler will have enough time to throw. Some o line help and some chemistry could make the Cards very very good. 

  1. Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams

Everyone saw the numbers between A-Rod and Adams in the postseason. They seemed to be at their best level yet. Although the Packers organization may not have the best relationship with their starting QB right now, Adams sure does. Green Bay hasn’t been able to get past the NFC Championship for a while, and it is going to take a lot for them to do it this year. With the NFC getting tougher each season, we will wait and see if Adams and Rodgers can provide that boost offensively to give the team hope and confidence. 

  1. Tom Brady and Mike Evans’

Another new duo in the upcoming years is in Tampa. They have the potential to be very good and Tom Brady’s experience in the league should help with the chemistry. The problem here is that Mike will have to share the ball, a lot. Tom will have two 1000 yard receivers and his favorite tight end. Someone’s production is going to go down in this offense and we don’t really know whos. For now, we give the potential the win and hopes this duo can keep the Bucs upright and playoff ready. 

  1. Kirk Cousins and Adam Theilen 

Cousins and Theilen moved up on our list due to the Diggs trade, After both receivers have been fighting for receptions for a few years there is no only one. With that being said they won’t have a big tall receiver that they had from Diggs. This should lead to a stronger group from Cousins and Theilen and they should easily be able to recover from Diggs’s departure. The two already have chemistry and will be able to keep doing what they have been doing. More receptions are now headed Theilen’s way and he should be able to handle it with ease. Fantasy owners be aware of this receiver.

  1. Jimmy Grappalo and Deebo Samuel

Perhaps one of the most exciting duos of the league is the partnership of Deebo and Jimmy G. They both had great years last year and will hope to continue their success in year 2. We rank these guys are lower on this list because of Jimmy G’s favorite target is Kittle. We expect Samuel to get better and better and that will translate to more offense from Jimmy. This duo is one we are watching to see how much better they get as they develop.

  1. Joe Burrow and A.J. Green 

Burrow and Green will be one of the most watched duos on this list. It will be interesting to see how the rookie QB reacts to the pressure from the rest of the league. We think they will be fine and these guys will be one of the most fun to watch in the league. Hopefully, they get more and more in sync as the league goes on. A good foundation could lead to a possible playoff run in the future.

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