Today is one of the biggest day’s in all of Star Wars. May the 4th, is a symbol of everything that Star Wars has built. Something I thought would be fun to do, is making a comparison between the world of football and the land far far away. 

Bill Belichik/Emperor 

One of the best head coaches in the NFL, Belichik has been ruling over the whole league. Just like the Emperor, Belichik is the mastermind that controls everything behind the scenes. We might be seeing the end of his dynasty as we know it, just the emperor loses his reign over the galaxy. After losing Tom Brady and many key parts of his defense, many people think that the Patriots will fall but he might be priming for a comeback just as the Emperor did in the latest movie. 

Tom Brady/Darth Vader 

Tom Brady is the man closest to Belichik, and just like Vader he carries out plays of his superior. Vader and Brady may have done bad to this galaxy, with their oppressive rule, but at the end of the day they make up with their noble actions. By leaving the Patriots, Brady may be leaving his past behind in order to make good in the galaxy. 

Derrick Henry/Luke Skywalker 

As the upstart rebel, Luke and Henry both finish off the Empire. Just like Luke, Henry has been oppressed by the shadow of Belichik and Brady, and Henry is the one who leads the defeat against the oppressive rule. Derrick Henry seems to have finished the rule of the Patriots, by beating them in the playoffs. 

Nick Saban/Obi-Wan Kenobi 

Nick Saban has been the teacher to a young Derrick Henry before he entered the NFL. Just like Obi-Wan, Saban has taught Henry much of what he learned, and has groomed him for his role in the NFL. Obi-Wan and Saban may be out of the game now, but their presence is still felt throughout the league. 

Lamar Jackson/Rey 

As part of the new generation in the league, Jackson and Rey are both very talented at what they do. Jackson, like Rey, was not always a prolific passer, and had to evolve with his growing powers. Now, after time has passed we can see how talented Jackson is, and that he will be a force to be reckoned with.  

John Harbough/Princess Leia 

Harbough is the teacher to Lamar Jackson, just as Leia is to Rey. They both have much experience and wisdom, and while they might not have played in the NFL or been a jedi; they know a thing or two about what it takes to make it in this league/galaxy. John Harbough has taken the challenge of coaching Lamar Jackson, and it seems to have paid off. 

Patrick Mahomes/Kylo Ren 

Patrick Mahomes is the next superstar in this league, and he is ready to take over this league. Just like Ren, they have struggled early on with the shadow of their ancestors, but soon learn how to get out of that shadow. But, just like Ren, Mahomes doesn’t seem to have full control over the league and a mid-season injury makes everyone feel a little more secure about not having another supreme power. 

Andy Reid/Supreme Leader Snoke 

Andy Reid seems to be the mastermind behind Mahomes, such as Snoke does to Kylo Ren. Many see him as the man behind the scenes, just as the galaxy views Snoke. Reid is using the special talent before him and making an offense that nobody wants to go up against. He has made his reputation as one of the best offensive coaches in the league, and he is ready to defend that title. 

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