The wide receiver position is one of the most important in the NFL, and today we will be looking at the best WR’s in the game right now.

5. Stefon Diggs

Many people may think that Diggs does not deserve to be on this list, but he has shown that he can be a dominant receiver. In Minnesota he was the number two and was always being overshadowed by Adam Theilen. Now that he has been traded to the Bills, he can become a true number one receiver for a young team with championship aspirations. He will be able to build off two 1,000 yard receiving seasons, and could develop into one of the top wideouts with this change of scenery. 

4. Julio Jones 

Julio Jones has been a consistent force in Atlanta since he left Alabama. He is a big bodied receiver with the hands and speed to make him a nightmare for opposing corners. He can pull in passes from anywhere, and make teams pay for leaving him one on one. He led his team to Super Bowl 51, and even though they didn’t win Jones was able to pull in 87 yards on four catches. This season should be like no other as Jones continues to dominate, and stack up 1,000 yard season. 

3. Odell Beckham Jr 

Odell became one of the most popular receivers due to his amazing hands, and special attitude. After being traded to the Browns, he has limited his attitude and we can still see his hands and special talent on display every game. He may have had what many thought was a disappointing year, but he was limited by his quarterback. Now that his quarterback, Baker Mayfield, has some more time in the pocket with an improved offensive line, we can expect Odell to reach his level dominance as before.

2. Micheal Thomas 

Micheal Thomas has been a consistent target for Drew Brees, and gives his team a number one target that has to be accounted for every play. He is big and strong, and goes up for the catch which makes him an ideal wideout.  He has been in the league only four years, but has made an impact on his team that is worth noting. He has stepped in and had consistent 1,000 yard seasons, while leading a team that many believe can contend for the Super Bowl.

1. Deandre Hopkins

Deandre Hopkins has been undervalued as a receiver for too long. He can do anything as a receiver, and now that he is on a new team with a passing mindset he can really show off. With a young QB in Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsburry at the helm, Deandre Hopkins can show up in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. With multiple 10 touchdown seasons under his belt, I can see Hopkins having one of his best season this year. 

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