In the last version of this article, we simulated the NFL playoffs with the new 7 team format that is starting this year. So far we have simulated the Wild Card Round and will finish the rest of it in this article. In the first round, we had a few upsets picked by the Simulator including the Titans beating the Patriots once again. We will see what upsets bring us in the rest of this playoffs. In today’s article, we will start with the Divisional Round. 

AFC Divisional Round 

1. Baltimore Ravens vs 6. Tennesse Titans 

The Titans won round one of this game with defense just like when they beat the Patriots. This time I don’t think you stop the number one offense in the league twice. The Ravens run game takes over and the Titans crumble in Baltimore after a great upset in New England 

My Prediction: BAL 31 TEN 27

Simulator: BAL 37 TEN 30

2. Kansas City Chiefs vs 5. Buffalo Bills

The nail bitter in KC gives the Bills the edge throughout the first 3 quarters. The game stays close though and the Chiefs take over in the forth. Mahomes finally picks apart the Bills defense and throws 3 TDs in the last quarter. 

My Prediction: KC 41 BUF 38

Simulator: KC 31 BUF 30

NFC Divisional Round 

1. San Fransico 49ers vs 6. Minnesota Vikings 

San Fransico gets through the Vikings pretty easily after a week of watching the rest of the NFC. They grab a few defensive stops late to seal the deal against Kirk Cousins and  co down in the Bay area.

My Prediction: SF 38 MIN 27

Simulator: SF 24 MIN 28

2. Green Bay Packers vs 5. Seattle Seahawks

This game goes down to the wire for both teams and it ends up being one of the most entertaining games of the playoffs. Back and forth as the offenses take over and keeps going. In the end Russel Wilson hands the ball to Marshawn Lynch who ends up scoring the game winning TD. 

My Prediction: GB 38 SEA 41

Simulator: GB 37 SEA 34

AFC Conference Championship

1. Baltimore Ravens vs 5. Buffalo Bills 

The Ravens are the better team here, but the run the Bills have made gives them life. The Ravens take the halftime lead, but the Bills get going late. In the end, they get in field goal range and get it straight threw the uprights.

My Prediction: BAL 31  BUF 34

Simulator: BAL 20 BUF 27

NFC Conference Championship

2. Green Bay Packers vs 6. Minnesota Vikings

After the close game against Seattle, they now have another tough one against the red hot Vikings. The Vikings have confidence and keep it going through another game. This NFC North matchup goes down to the wire before the Packers get going and end the miracle for Minnesota. 

My Prediction: GB 31  MIN 34

Simulator: GB 31 MIN 27

Super Bowl

5. Buffalo Bills vs 2. Green Bay Packers 

The Packers and Bills truly have an entertaining game for everyone who lives up north. The Bills keep things tight on defense which keeps them in the game when their offense is struggling. They turn it around in the second half as Frank Gore runs in the winning TD with 8 seconds to go.

My Prediction: BUF 34 GB 33

Simulator: BUF 31 GB 28

Top Picture by Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

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