Ever since trading for star D’Angelo Russell, the thing the Minnesota Timberwolves have needed most is someone to complete a big 3 for them. After acquiring Russell, the Wolves have gone 3-9, but Karl Anthony-Towns played in just 1 of those 12 games. Minnesota hasn’t seen the full potential of this duo, forming a big three could push them into a guaranteed playoff spot. The last time Minnesota made the playoffs, they were an 8 seed that lost in 5 to the Rockets in the first round. With the right moves, this offseason could bring joy back to Minneapolis. They can use their number one pick, or free agency to get that next star. 

Ever since trading Jimmy Butler, the Timberwolves have not had a star wing that can get buckets and play scrappy on defense. One of the biggest names on the trading market this season is Victor Oladipo. Oladipo was an all-star level wing that was solid on both sides of the floor. After being traded to Indiana, he was averaging 23 points per game, while guarding the best player on the opposing team. Oladipo has been going through scoring struggles this season, and was injured for the majority of the 2018-19 season. There have been many rumors about the Pacers wanting a trade for Oladipo, and if the Timberwolves can land Oladipo it can pay dividends on both sides of the floor. For a team lacking huge defensive talent, Oladipo can help shore up the wings and give Minnesota a defensive building block. 

Another star that the Timberwolves can chase on the trade market is Bradley Beal. Beal is one of the top offensive guards in the league, and pairing him alongside Russell and Towns could make an offensive powerhouse in Minnesota. Beal was averaging 30 points per game on a Washington team that gave him little support, and is considered to be the biggest all star snub this season. While Beal adds minimal defensive value to a team that already has two offensive minded stars, his offensive upside might be too much for the Timberwolves to ignore. 

Getting these deals done would mean that the Timberwolves would have to trade some of their own assets. With the number one overall pick and multiple young players on their roster, the T-Wolves can make very convincing offers for their preferred star. Pairing their top pick with a young player like Jarrett Culver might be enough to get a new star in Minnesota. 

What can Minnesota do with the number one pick?

This question will be lingering for a while now until draft night comes. Many have wanted Devin Booker to head to Minnesota, so that the 3 best friends can become a new and upcoming trio. Getting a deal done with Phoenix would 90% need to include that number one pick. Because the Suns finished the season with a tremendous 8-0 record, and saw the potential of the Ayton-Booker duo, they will be very hesitant to trade their main man. That being said, Minnesota will need to be creative with their offers if they want to get him. 

If they do keep the number one pick, I think that Anthony Edwards will be the man. Edwards, the guard from Georgia, averaged 18 points a game, on 40% shooting from the field. He will be a great asset to the ‘Wolves core offensively, but has a lot that he needs to improve on. He is a strong and versatile guard that can be something special in this league.

For me, I believe it when the Timberwolves say that they ‘prefer’ to trade that number one pick. They didn’t get D’Angelo Russell to wait. They are in a win-now situation, to make the playoffs and get to being a contender. They might not need someone the caliber of Devin Booker, but players like John Collins, Zach LaVine, and Buddy Hield could make a huge impact for this team. 

Ben Simmons could also be a player that you could involve in a trade for the number one pick. The 76ers have had some issue lately, and acquiring James Wiseman or Anthony Edwards with the number one pick could give them a fresh start, with extraordinary young talent. A starting five with Ben Simmons, KAT, and D-Lo could be very scary. An elite defender and passer in Simmons, a versatile, and crazy monster in KAT, and a great ball handler/shooter in Russell. Like I said, the Timberwolves just need to get creative with their offers. Get some role players from free agency, and go big trading the number one pick.

Top Photo: The Athletic

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