Last year’s Super Bowl champion, the Kansas City Chiefs, were one of the most prolific passing offenses that has ever touched the gridiron. The Seattle Seahawks have become frontrunners in the race to a title, and this is thanks to another MVP-like performance from Russell Wilson. With the NFL’s suspension on Antonio Brown set to end in week 8, many sources have linked him to the Seahawks. If the Seahawks are able to pick up Brown, he could change this team into title-favorites. 

While the last year has been quite rough for Antonio Brown, we must expect him to pull himself together for the sake of  his career. If he ends up on a team like Seattle, he will be surrounded by competitors and a coach in Pete Carroll who is one of the best in the league. While Brown’s attitude will never go away, the Seahawks must figure out a way to control someone as crazy as Brown. If they can somehow find a way to make Brown focus on football, a task that even the New England Patriots couldn’t do, he could transform the passing attack and the team. 

Adding a superstar receiver like Brown to a group of receivers that already has Tyler Lockett and D.K Metcalf would create problems for every defensive coordinator. Brown had 6 consecutive 1,000 plus yard seasons with the Steelers, and could bring that kind of production to a team that had Lockett, 1,000 yards last season, and D.K Metcalf,900 yards last season, who is becoming a beast. With those three guys catching balls from Wilson, it seems almost unfair that this is even a possibility. While the Seahawks do have multiple problems on the defensive side of the ball, the offensive is so strong that this team has not lost a single game yet. Adding Brown to an offense as talented as the Seahawks, they would be able to mask up any problem that the defense has. 

While Antonio Brown is still a very unknown factor, if  he can somehow regain his Steelers form then this would be a very smart move from Seattle. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the Seahawks would be making a mistake if they didn’t even give Brown a chance. 

Top Image: AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

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