With the NFL six weeks in we have a good feel for how the teams are going to compete this year. We are going to talk about the best picks in this Week 6 NFL action.

1. Tennesse Titans (-3.5) vs Houston Texans, 1 PM CT, CBS

The 4-0 Titans only have 3.5 on the Texans which to me is just straight-up shocking. This Titans team is playing well not only on offense but on the other side of the ball as well. Mike Vrabel is getting creative with his guys and what they are doing. The Titan’s aggressiveness is going to hurt this Texans offense vastly. A lack of weapons on the Texans offense isn’t going to help this at all. On the other side of the ball, the Titans will just have to play their normal offense to win this one, nothing too big or to less.

Prediction: TEN 31 HOU 21

2. Detroit Lions (-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars, 1 PM ET, CBS

This is the second-best game when you’re picking with the spread. The Lions have an offense that hasn’t been as good as it could be. The potential is there, then there is Jags offense, I mean. They have consistently let up 30 plus points in the last 4 weeks of the season. They are trending in the wrong direction. The Jags offense has been doing better as the development of Minshew has gotten better. Lion’s offense just beats them in a game where the offense will really matter.

DET 30 JAX 24

3. Minnesota Vikings (-4) vs Atlanta Falcons, 1 PM ET, FOX

The Vikings are without running back Dalvin Cook, but that really should not affect their offense. Their backup running back and offensive line are certainly capable of playing well enough. The real question is what are we going to see from the Falcons offense. After the loss in Dallas and Chicago this team just haven’t played well. Both teams don’t have a great record, but the Vikings have found themselves playing much better recently. This is going to be a game of momentum and the Vikings can run the ball much better. Control will be key and that is where I give them the nod.

MIN 33 ATL 27

4. Indianapolis Colts (-8) vs Cincinnati Bengals, 1 PM ET, CBS

The Colts have the number one defense in the NFL right now. Joe Burrow has been sacked the most in the NFL. A bad combination for the Bengals and it might lead to a very tough matchup. Although I do have some hope in this offense. Mixon is a key to the offense and could lead this team to a real big win. In the only game that the Bengals have won Mixon has rushed for over a hundred yards. On the other side, the Colts have played really well at home with two wins and 25 plus point performances.

IND 24 CIN 14

5. Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburg Steelers (-3), 1 PM ET, CBS

The Browns are playing very well right now and go to an important divisional game. While they haven’t played anyone well, those were all games they needed to win. The old Browns lost easier games like that, and this game could prove they are turning the corner. The Steelers are in a similar position, playing the bottom tier teams and getting some good wins. We knew this division was going to be tough and that is why this game can’t get exaggerated. The Browns offense vs the Steelers defense is going to be the more important matchup. But everyone is watching the other side after last year’s incident with Garret that really destroyed the Browns defense last year. To see how this defense will play in this game will be so important after their last matchup. I think the Browns running game will be the real factor in this game, and they have been playing well enough for me to have faith in the Browns.

CLE 31 PIT 27

My picks against the spread this week would be the Titans, Lions, Vikings, Colts, and the Browns. That is the order of my picks as well from most likely to least likely in my opinion.

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