When you think of the Southeastern Conference what do you think of? I know for me I think of the SEC chant or just straight-up defense. Goal-line stands and slow but entertaining games for the most part. After watching week 6 you have to wonder what happened to all of that. I mean I got to say it was entertaining to watch Alabama and Ole Miss go back and forth, but only to a certain amount. As I sat on my couch on Saturday night, I started to realize what was happening. Alabama, a team that was known for always having a stifling defense, just gave up 48 points to an unranked Ole Miss. Sure Lane Kiffin was going to boost the offense, but never did I think it would force Bama to put up 63. Looking around the league you start to see a familiar trend, making only one question, are we going to see SEC defense.

National Losers

When I look at the SEC, I can’t help but start with the former National Champions. The LSU Tigers have gotten off to a terrible start to the 2020 season. It isn’t even like they just are having a bad few games. This is starting to look like the new normal in Baton Rouge. The biggest blow being from lack of defense. A defense that was overlooked for the most part last year. Last year the Tigers defense let a team put up more than 25 points in seven games. In every single one of them, their offense was able to bail them out. With so many people gone, the offense looks different, and the bottom line is the defense is just looking a little worst than last year.

Shootouts for Saban

That may be an overstatement, but what in the world did Alabama do to their defense. They looked sloppy, tired, and constantly out of position. On some of the plays, I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys just didn’t know the play. When a deep ball was thrown it felt like it was caught again and again. The Rebels just took it to them by airing the ball out down the field. While this doesn’t concern me too much, it does show a huge weakness Saban will have to fix this week against #3 Georgia. Scratch that last line because Coach Saban has COVID-19 and won’t be coaching his players for sure during this week’s practice. I will leave it at this, what the heck will Alabama look like this weekend assuming they don’t have their head coach.

Florida Failure

The Gators, after that horrible defensive performance it is hard not to lose. The Aggies just threw all over them and Florida was unable to make enough adjustments to get out of trouble. Dan Mullen called on Florida fans to pack the house after the game. Look at him now. I mean no disrespect to any Florida fan, but that comment just doesn’t make sense with the virus. The college football gods didn’t like this comment either. Florida had to suspend all football activities and postpone their game against LSU after a coronavirus outbreak among the team. At this point, it is a sit and watches the thing, as the stench of losing will linger with the team.

Arkansas is back?

Felipe Franks has slowly been getting this team going and has been doing so under the radar. No one really talks about Arkansas, but they have looked great in their last two games. The offense is finally starting to get going a bit and the defense has stepped up big time ever since the first loss against Georgia. I think the biggest thing for Arkansas fans, is that even should have a winning record. An officiating error lost them the game last week against Auburn. I would watch out for these guys to knock off an already wilting conference.

Missouri, Texas A&M, Ole Miss

Props to all of these teams for playing. fantastically in their tough games against their ranked opponents. Both teams played with a confident offense and it showed. I think the biggest takeaway from these teams is that there is a blueprint for these smaller teams. Get some offense and you have a shot. All three of them took shots down the field and connected on some big plays. I am not counting the Aggies out of anything just yet, but I am just saying that these teams show similar offensive traits in their games.

The Dawgs

Georgia is the one shining light through a wild week of SEC football. After what looked like another shoot out after the first half, the dawgs gathered themselves and fought back. They deserved that game with their resilient defense and potent offense. It turned out to be a great performance and an even better win. The best part of the week for Georgia fans is probably the Nick Saban has the coronavirus. They have been longing for a win against Bama and this week looks like the potential is very much right there.

Bottom Line

I know throughout the SEC one thing will be on most teams’ minds. How can they fix their defense up for their next game? Florida could cause a ripple effect throughout the conference though with the coronavirus along with Coach Saban. But that isn’t even the biggest headline. Number 2 takes on Number 3, both are in this conference and both will likely need this game to make the playoffs. Anything is possible in the COVID football season, and don’t count any team out with these offensive fireworks.

Top picture from the Oxford Eagle

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