The NFL offseason has been filled with blockbuster moves that have changed the complexion of the NFL. It was only right that the NFL ended the offseason with a boom. When the Seattle Seahawks traded for Jamal Adams, they were bringing a game changing safety to a stacked NFC West. 

Seattle Seahawks 

The Seattle Seahawks had the 24th ranked pass defense according to TeamRankings. In a league that is centered around the pass game, teams that are looking to be successful need a strong pass defense. Seattle has a strong history of top ranked defenses when the legion of boom was wreaking havoc on opposing passers, but now that time is gone and the Seahawks are looking toward the future. One of the most important parts of a secondary and Seahawks seem to have found their safety of the future in Jamal Adams.  

New York Jets 

The New York Jets have had a contract dispute for seven months before the trade, and it was clear that he wanted out of the Jets. Eliminating someone that would have been a distraction for the rest of the team, was one of the positives for the Jets. They also received a solid safety in Bradley McDougald, who can help replace Adams. While McDouglad is not going to replace Adams, he can help keep the Jets secondary from falling off the edge without McDougald. The Jets also got two first round draft picks who may not become superstars like Adams, but these picks will help in the Jets rebuild. 

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