It has been a few days since the Rams became the latest team to win a championship out of L.A. NFL fans rejoiced as Matthew Stanford and Odell Beckham Jr finally got themselves a Super Bowl ring. Not only that, but we saw a rare non-qb win SB MVP, Cooper Kupp. The Rams are one of the richest teams in the league, but face a lot of questions heading into free agency, most notably being the possibility of retaining both OBJ and Von Miller. 

The pair had always wanted to play with each other since the day they had met. Reports came out stating that Beckham told Miller to not come to Cleveland; in which they later would join forces in Los Angeles. After the Rams acquired the two, they had gotten off to a rocky start, losing the first 3 games. After that, there was a complete turn around. Von Miller got comfortable within the defense, and Matt Stafford found a special connection with Odell, especially within the red zone. They kept this confidence rolling into the playoffs, and before we knew it, had won a championship.

Obviously, the Rams would love to bring both stars back, but what are the chances of this happening? With Odell tearing his ACL, it may open leverage to sign him for less than expected. Along with that, Robert Woods will be returning next year. This would heavily decrease the usage of Beckham Jr, as Woods is another reliable option for Stafford to throw to. On the other side, Von Miller has openly stated that he would like to retire a Ram. He became a huge impact later in his tenure with L.A., recording 4 sacks throughout the playoffs. He will also be asking for quite a bit of money, but it is well deserved. With Miller about to be turning 33, the Rams should be looking to sign him for a short-term deal. He is worth whatever money he gets paid, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see his numbers drop a little due to age.

As for priority, I think it’s clear that Von should be the #1 option to re-sign. For me, a lot of this is because of the return of Robert Woods. The Rams don’t need to pay OBJ a ton of money for him to one, not play for some of next year, and for him to be a 2nd or 3rd option. Miller is a quick, versatile linebacker who will get plenty of chances with the Rams. We will see how L.A. attacks this off-season financially, but it will for sure be interesting to see the money Odell gets offered with his injury.

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