The NFL draft is right upon us, but more surprising news has shifted the NFL world’s focus in the last few days. 49ers dual threat Deebo Samuel officially requested a trade, just a few months after making the NFC title game with San Fran. Samuel is at a point in his career where money is becoming even more prominent, as the market has completely risen. He has noted that he isn’t looking to play the “hybrid” role he’s been featured in with the 49ers, which takes out part of what makes him unique. Which teams have the massive haul to offer for Deebo, and which teams will actually give it up?

1. New York Jets

The Jets could land their biggest player since Le’Veon Bell, and it surely feels like they are the favorites. But, now that the draft has ended, they have no true assets that the Niners are in need of. That is, unless they are willing to trade Number 10 overall pick, Garrett Wilson. Running a 4.38 40-yard dash, Wilson is a flashy receiver who has proven that he can play with loads of talent at his position. I’m not sure that the Jets are willing to involve him in a trade, but we do know what Deebo Samuel is capable of, even without playing in the running back position. This all comes down to the risk that New York’s front office is willing to take, in which there is less than a 1% chance of this happening. But, hey, we never know, it’s the Jets.

2. Baltimore Ravens

Again, another team that could desperately use Samuel, but don’t have anything near the price San Francisco has for him. As Baltimore traded former first round pick Marquise Brown to Arizona, we really aren’t sure the direction the Ravens are trying to move offensively. Clearly, they are going to rely on running, and a lot of read options, but they still need a receiving threat. Although Samuel doesn’t want to play a hybrid role, it seems like it would be a match made in heaven for Baltimore if he could. A best case scenario trade to acquire him would likely involve Rashod Bateman, a 2023 first round pick, and Marlon Humphrey. 

3. Washington Commanders

The Commanders are by far the biggest sleepers to potentially pull off a deal for Deebo. Not only are they on the uprise, but they have talent to trade. Wideout Terry McLaurin hasn’t been offered a new extension, and has thus remained out of voluntary workouts. I’m not saying this means he doesn’t want to be a Commander, but it certainly isn’t a good sign. San Francisco should heavily consider a deal including Scary Terry, a third, and maybe another young player that Washington has. McLaurin has yet to play with an elite QB, which is what 49ers nation hopes Trey Lance can turn into. It would be very interesting to see Curtis Samuel paired up with Deebo and Penn State rookie Jahan Dotson on offense, as each possess a lot of finesse and speed, troubling defenses. As for what San Fran would receive, McLaurin is a deep threat, but is nifty and can make a slant route hell for corners. He’s coming off of another 1,000 yard season where he showed why he needs to be paid. All in all, Washington is a team to look out for in the trade market. 

4. Green Bay Packers

Late April, Aaron Rodgers voiced his want for Deebo Samuel on The Pat McAfee Show. Green Bay didn’t draft a receiver until the third round, so their WR corp is still mediocre, with Sammy Watkins, Randall Cobb, and Allen Lazard. Rodgers also noted that San Francisco probably wouldn’t want to trade him to another NFC contender, which makes a lot of sense. On top of that, the Packers really don’t have that many assets to offer. Aaron Jones isn’t needed on the 49er offense, so Green Bay is really left with just trading picks. This would have been a lot more interesting if Deebo wanted out earlier, before DaVante Adams became a Raider.

5. New Orleans Saints

The Saints, like the Commanders, pose as a sleeper for Deebo. They have a proven star receiver who San Francisco wouldn’t mind having. Of course, I’m talking about Michael Thomas. Thomas has been loyal to the city and team, but he’s been derailed by injuries as of late, we haven’t seen him on the field in a year and a half. Not only that, but Deebo is clearly the better receiver with his athleticism and age. It would instantly boost the Saints chances at going deep to the playoffs, with an offense featuring Alvin Kamara, Deebo Samuel, and rookie Chris Olave. A package to send Deebo to NOLA would likely include Thomas, a second, and a Marcus Davenport type player. 

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