Upsets, chokes, fans throwing trash on the field, and everything in between have been a part of what has been a crazy 2021-22 college football season so far. With that, we saw projected No. 1 pick and preseason Heisman Favorite Spencer Rattler get benched in Oklahoma’s biggest rivalry game for TRUE FRESHMAN Caleb Williams. As we all know, Williams tore the Longhorns apart, completing the 21 point comeback in the second half. Williams made some great plays, as well as tough throws, putting OU back into the game. We never saw Rattler in the second half, and Williams has since started after the Red River game. For Spence, he most likely won’t get much of an opportunity at Oklahoma ever, so does it make sense to transfer now, when this season is over, or is his football career done? 

Much hasn’t been said from Rattler himself, but his dad has spoken a little about the future. “For right now, he’s focused on working for this team, and we’ll see what happens after Jan. 10…hopefully he’ll be playing in the national championship on Jan. 10, and then after that we’ll evaluate where he is as far as if any teams are interested in him in the NFL, we’ll consider that.”

Doesn’t seem like much has been considered as for this season, so we can already eliminate a 2021 transfer. He’ll be a Sooner for the rest of the year. His dad also mentioned evaluating NFL teams’ interest in him. What Rattler has done so far for sure rules out him going in round 1 for sure. With his height and overall size being a negative, I’m not sure if many teams will be calling for him. Transferring to another school to get one more year under his belt seems the better option. Not only that, but money will keep being made from NIL, right? 

Unless Williams gets injured, or plays very poor, there is no reason for Rattler to be QB1 for the Sooners. I can see Rattler playing for a mid-tier PAC-12 school like Washington or USC, and making something good out of that opportunity. He could even return home and start for Arizona or ASU. PAC-12 defense will be more of a challenge for Rattler, but his options are limited. Big time schools don’t need Rattler, they have a set starter. 

If Caleb Williams doesn’t function well in a big time game like the Big 12 Championship, or perhaps a CFP game, we could see a Spencer Rattler appearance, and who knows, maybe he’ll spark a light like Jalen Hurts did in his final SEC title game. In his first Big 12 ‘chip, he played exceptionally well, won player of the game, and knocked Iowa State off. Other schools could become interested, and Rattler may have himself a fresh start. 

When people look at his numbers as a starter, it shocks them that he was benched. It just doesn’t seem like he carries that same mentality as the previous Sooner QBs did. He wasn’t super electric with the offense, consistency was a problem, and he wasn’t able to pull away from teams, and in college football, beating every opponent by one possession isn’t going to make the CFP. Not only that, he just looked terrible against Texas this year, and coach Riley had to make the move. Rattler isn’t the fit for this team. We can see how much more energetic they are when Caleb touches the ball, a truly more complete team. It stings to be in the position Spencer is in right now, but many options are left on the table for him.

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