The NBA announced that it would be conducting the remainder of it’s season, and playoffs in Disney World. As the date for the first games comes closer many players and teams have traveled to the NBA bubble to begin practice. Many players and coaches are in the bubble right now, but there are some players that might not be in the bubble yet or are not coming. 

The NBA has given players the choice of sitting out the NBA restart, and some players have chosen to stay at home. The reasons for skipping the NBA restart vary from health issues to personal and family issues. Superstars such as Bradley Beal and Kyrie Irving have both chosen to sit out the NBA restart, adding to an ever growing list of NBA players. These superstars have major impacts on their teams chances of success in the bubble, because teams without their primary scores and leaders will suffer in the bubble. Some teams may be losing most of their starting lineup, Brooklyn Nets, but others are losing role players. In the team these players might not be the best at offense or scoring points but they serve other roles on the team. Players such as Trevor Ariza can impact a game by 3 and D capabilities. While this might not stack up to the scoring output of his teammate Damian Lillard, the game of basketball is a team sport and unless you have all the pieces of the puzzle you can’t challenge for the championship. This is why the loss of role players has hit playoff teams the most. While teams like the Bucks and Clippers might not have lost impact players to their roster, there are many middle teams that are in danger of losing players in the bubble. 

The NBA restart has many players and fans optimistic for the season, there are some players that might not be present at the bubble. This won’t change the fact that the NBA is back, but the ending to this season might have been different had the NBA never been stopped. 

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