The 2020 Super Bowl was an exciting and thrilling matchup that Miami featured this year. It came down to the final drive for the 49ers, who had played well for most of the game, but couldn’t hold on in the end. Similarly to the previous teams, Kansas City has played. There was a lot of hype going into this game because there was a top team on offense, and a top team on defense. The 49ers defense showed a lot of strength in the first half, holding the Chiefs to just ten points, and not allowing Patrick Mahomes to extend plays that turned into big yardage. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes finished 26/42, with a pair of touchdowns and interceptions. 

It was the offensive-powered Kansas City Chiefs who came away with the Lombardi Trophy Sunday night, capping off a 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams had strengths on each side of the ball, proving the matchup to be a great one.  The MVP trophy went to Pat Mahomes, who led the comeback, once again, for the Chiefs. Kansas City would once again came back from a double-digit deficit to beat San Francisco, who had looked good until the end. Both of Mahomes´ touchdowns came in the fourth quarter, proving his case for MVP. 

A question that 49er fans may be asking is: What happened to our defense at the end of the game? At one of the worst times in the game, the 49ers let go. They let Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins get open to easily, blowing coverage, allowing them to continue drives that would lead to touchdowns in the fourth quarter. After scoring just ten points in the first three quarters, the Chiefs managed to score three touchdowns in under seven minutes. Patrick Mahomes was able to connect with Tyreek Hill on a crucial 3rd and 15, burning San Francisco’s secondary, later leading to a touchdown. In this play, you can see that once Tyreek gets past linebacker Fred Warner, he gets wide open. Safety Jimmie Ward is out of position, unable to make a play on the ball. 

On the next drive, Sammy Watkins had a huge catch, giving all the momentum to the Chiefs. Watkins was one on one with Richard Sherman (not a good idea by San Francisco), allowing him to make just one move to get open. This play got Kansas City to the 11 yard line, threatening to score again. These two plays were the two plays that absolutely killed Rob Saleh’s defense, ultimately putting the game in the hands of Mahomes and the Chiefs.  

San Francisco by far was the most improved team of the year, with a combined record of 10-22 in the previous two seasons. Head coach Kyle Shanahan did a great job with his group this year, building a top 3 defense, and leading a team who wasn’t even projected to make the playoffs, go and put up a good fight in the Super Bowl. As for Andy Reid and the Chiefs, the time has finally come! Andy Reid finally has won the Super Bowl with the Chiefs, their first one in fifty years, and has most likely solidified a spot in the Hall of Fame in the future. Ever since Alex Smith´s days with Kansas City, the Chiefs were always contenders in the playoffs, but would always come up short in one way or another. This year, Andy´s Chiefs came back from double digit in each of their three playoff games to win a Super Bowl. It’s not how you start a game, it’s how you end it. A quote that the Chiefs probably used in each of their games that they trailed, knowing that a trip to Miami was on the line. 

As we come to the end of the NFL season in 2019 the Cheifs will stand on top as the best teams in football. In one of the wildest playoff runs the Chiefs finished the job and will celebrate until the 2020 season.

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