1. Luka Dončić (21) & Kristaps Porziņģis (24)

This year, Luka and Kristaps have had great chemistry for the most part, but injuries have stopped the two from playing together. Luka was selected to the All-Star this year, and Kristaps is sure to be selected sometime in the coming years. These two have shown a lot of potential on the offensive end of the floor, and they are not showing any signs of stopping. Porzingis is a constant threat in the paint, blocking shots left and right. This season, KP is averaging 19.2 points per game, but before the season suspension, he had multiple games above 25 points, improving his shooting. In their first year together, this duo is already looking to participate in the postseason, currently holding the 7th seed in the West. We can’t wait to see what this duo can do at their full potential. 

  1. Zion Williamson (19) & Brandon Ingram (22)

Smoothie King Arena had one roller coaster ride of a season. The Pels were all the hype in the offseason until they lost their number one pick before the season even started. Although their depression was brief because as soon as Zion left Ingram filled the void. He helped the Pelicans salvage the season until Zion came back. When he did come back, Willamson gave the fans everything and more. Zion was a force who couldn’t be stopped, he averaged 26.3 points in his short stint and had highlight reels for days. Not to mention Ingram who also was unbelievable as well, putting up 24.3 PPG and 6.3 RPG. Zion and Ingram are a rising duo and could easily lead to the Pelicans deep into the playoffs in the future. Can’t wait to see what these guys do as they start to jump start their franchise for a championship run.

  1. Trae Young (21) & John Collins (22)

Atlanta didn’t have the most exciting year this year, ending up at the bottom of the conference. They struggled to play defense and couldn’t come up with wins in clutch time. Although they have some positive things to look forward to with Young and Collins. Both players averaged above 20 points per game and led the team in points. Not only that but Trae led the team in assists with 9.3 and John in rebounds with 10.1. This was in a year where the team was just off, a few more years and this duo could be the most dangerous in the league. The only problem this year was defense for Atlanta. It will be exciting to watch a young duo goes all the way to the top of the league and maybe a Larry O’Brien trophy. 

  1. Ja Morant (20) & Jaren Jackson Jr (20)

Memphis has had a successful season for a team that just came out of the lottery. The front office took the biggest chance in the offseason by trading away 2 veteran players and putting all their money on the draft. What ensued was a great payout, the Griz have climbed the standings and are currently holding the 8th seed. They play quickly and get points along with rebounds when they need them. Ja averages 17.6 points per game and has probably come across your Instagram feed for his explosive dunks throughout the year. Jackson Jr. has also had a great year that has been overshadowed by the Ja hype. He has averaged 16.9 PPG and 4.7 rebounds per game. Not to mention he has been instrumental for Memphis this year. This young duo is already a potential playoff team and can only get better for the Griz. This will be exciting basketball for Memphis fans throughout the upcoming years. 

  1. Devin Booker (23) & DeAndre Ayton (21)

The Suns have not had much success in the recent years, but are looking to get on the right track with a healthy DeAndre Ayton, and Devin Booker leading the way. Even though Mr. Luka stole the spotlight for rookies last year, Phoenix still has a lot to look forward to in DeAndre Ayton. This season, Ayton is averaging 19 points per game, on 55% shooting for the field. Not too bad. Booker, on the other hand, is averaging 26 points each contest, with 49% shooting. Even though the Suns are done for this season, next year, and the upcoming years, will be a lot of fun to watch for Phoenix fans. 

Top Photo: Rob Schumacher/The Republic

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