Well, the Steelers have lost once again. This makes it three straight for the Steelers, this time losing to a team that is below average. The Bengals took down the Steelers last night opening the door for the Browns for the division. The first two games that the Steelers lost were to teams that aren’t terrible and both games were respectable. Last night it looked a lot worse with the Steelers not playing too well and the Bengals being dominant. So how in the world did the Steelers drop this game to a third-string QB.

Juju’s Dancing

If you haven’t seen it already, well I really don’t know what you have been doing. Juju started a new thing this year where he dances on other team’s logos during their away games. He then takes the video and posts it on the social media platform Tik Tok. The tradition started off as good luck for the Steelers. In the past two weeks it has been motivation for the other teams defense. The most recent being the loss to the Bengals on prime time television.

Juju’s antics are clearly disrespectful even tho he himself doesn’t see what is wrong with it. When T.O danced on the Cowboys logo, the players defended it. Owens got laid out and it was considered to be disrespectful on T.Os side. Although Juju does it before the game which probably prevents him from getting hit. Though once again the motivation factor is huge. More players have been coming out and saying that they want Juju to stop dancing on logos. His most recent one in Cincinnati even acknowledged that he knew others didn’t like it.

One of the players that stated his displeasure was Vonn Bell. He even stated that it was disrespectful and they were going to hit him. Sure enough in the first quarter Juju was lit up by non other than Vonn Bell. The play would force a turnover and give the Bengals a touchdown soon after. It would give them a ten point cushion which would be enough to help win the game. This wasn’t a normal hit either despite what Bell would say after the game. Juju was lit up and it was one of the hits that you could feel. This honestly turned the tide of the game and the Bengals would be smooth sailing from there.

Are they for real?

The Steelers don’t look as good as they did to start the season. You start to wonder if this is a real possibility that this team just isn’t that good. The Browns are only one game behind the Steelers and could get into the playoffs by beating them. The Steelers are also struggling with four straight games where they have scored under 20 points. It seems like their offense just has been different. Now all of the sudden they look like a completely different team. Worst of all they can’t seem to break out of the ditch they are in. Adjustments just don’t seem to be working for Mike Tomlin and his crew. We will have to wait and see what happens with the future of the Steelers. Hopefully Pittsburgh can get Juju not to dance and maybe they can get a win in their final road game.

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