Throughout the buzz of the NBA returning, we have had many rumors about how the season will come back. There are also various proposed playoff formats that might be in effect to finish off the season in these bizarre times. One of the details of the more recent rumors had the NBA Playoffs in a format similar to the World Cup. This would feature the NBA teams being split into four groups and play in a group play round before a knockout stage which is exactly how the World Cup works. Some websites have gone over this, but they add nonplayoff teams to the mix. While I may think those new playoff teams are worthy of a spot they most likely won’t get it. It just isn’t fair to the teams on the edge of the East Playoffs, therefore I doubt it will happen. With that being said here is a World Cup NBA Playoffs 

Group Stage 

The Group stage will feature four tiers of teams split into groups. They will play a home and away series against each other with the top two teams advancing to the knockout stage. (Tiers are determined by record). After tiers are determined then the teams will be randomly drawn into a group. Here are ours.

Tier 1- Bucks, Lakers, Raptors, and Clippers

Tier 2- Celtics, Nuggets, Jazz, and Heat

Tier 3- Thunder, Rockets, Pacers, and Sixers

Tier 4- Mavericks, Grizzlies, Nets, and Magic

Group A





Group B





Group C





Group D 





Standings after simulated games, using RTT simulator

Group A

Bucks 5-1

Grizzlies 4-2

Heat 2-4

Pacers 1-5

The Bucks easily cruise through the field with no problems at all with only a saw trip with the Heat. The Heat go on to lose the last game of the round-robin against the Grizzlies in Miami which takes them out. The Grizz shock everyone sweeping the Heat and the Pacers.

Group B

Lakers 5-1

Thunder 3-3

Nets 3-3

Jazz 1-5

Playoff mode is activated for Lebron and he destroys everyone in his path easily. The biggest shock from this group is how the Jazz just barely won a game. The simulator does take chemistry into account which is not good in Utah after COVID-19. The Thunder end up taking the tiebreaker with the Nets because they swept them and split the series in Utah

Group C

Raptors 4-2

Mavericks 3-3

Nuggets 3-3

Sixers 2-4

This was the tightest division when it comes to scoring differential with all teams having close games with the other teams. The Raptors end up dropping both games against Dallas, otherwise, they did all right. The Mavs win the tiebreaker with the Nuggets even though they split the series because we assume the tiebreaker is the record against the best team. This would be the Raptors and the Mavs were 2-0 and the Nuggets were 0-2.

Group D 

Clippers 6-0

Rockets 4-2

Celtics 2-4

Magic 0-6

The Clippers easily won their 6 games and cruise through their group. Rockets play the Celtics in an important last game in Boston. If Boston won it would go to a tiebreaker but the Rockets take the win in, wait for it, 3 OTS. When I saw this I was shocked, I can’t imagine how tired the players had to be after this one. The final score would end up being 168-165. 

Knockout Stage- Released on Sunday


Group A Winner vs Group C Runner Up 

Group D Winner vs Group B Runner Up

Group C Winner vs Group A Runner Up

Group B Winner vs Group D Runner Up

With teams-

Bucks vs Mavericks 

Luka vs Giannis going head to head to keep their teams alive. The most important thing in this game will be other stars that will have to step up to keep up. The Mavs have Porzingas to help inside, but who will help with Luka?

Clippers vs Thunder

While this doesn’t feel like a close matchup I can see this being much closer than anticipated. Keep in mind it is best out of seven and Chris Paul and co might just turn in up. The Clippers have to stay focused on this team or they could easily slip up looking too far in the future. 

Raptors vs Grizzles

The Grizz are red hot right now after getting through a tough group stage. Now they have to go play the defending champions who also have home-court advantage. Two scrappy teams here, we will see who comes out on the other side. 

Lakers vs Rockets 

The Rockets should be expecting this even if the playoffs were in it’s a normal playoff format anyway. The Beard in Brodie will have a very interesting matchup against King James and AD. Frontcourt vs Backcourt. The Lakers franchise has been waiting for this and we will see if they will be able to show up when they need to. 

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