The Kansas Jayhawks finished off the regular season with 16 straight wins and a unanimous #1 ranking. They are one of the hottest teams in college basketball and look like the team to beat in the NCAA tournament. Their defense has been one of the main keys in their dominance allowing 60.7 points per game which is 10th best in college basketball. This along with the premier duo of Dotson and Azubuike has shown balance on both sides of the ball. The hot streak looks good on paper but is it really gonna hold throughout March?


The Kansas Basketball teams over the year have never been short on talent and this year is no different. The improvement of senior Udoka Azubuike has been an interesting battle. Throughout his career, he has had to battle through injuries which prevented him from playing to his full capability. Although this year has been very special as the Center has been able to stay healthy and average a career high 13.7 points per game. Azubuike’s main man on the court is Sophmore Guard Devon Dotson. Dotson has had a great season this year averaging 18.1 PPG and 4.0 APG (assists per a game). He has played a vital role in the win streak the Jayhawks have been on.  Both of these players have stepped up in big games throughout the season including when Kansas played number 1 Baylor in Waco. Azubuike put up 23 points while Dotson collected 13 which lead the team. Azubuike also collected 19 boards in the win which was more than half the teams’ total. That along with a stellar performance by Isaiah Moss lead to the Jayhawks winning 64-61 against the Bears. This team is firing on all cylinders and expect that to continue throughout the tournament.


Coach Bill Self has done a terrific job bringing this team back from where they were at the beginning of the season. Especially when they lost 2 times in five games in late December and early January. At the time this Kansas team was not playing very confidently and Bill Self made it one of his priorities to get this team’s mindset straight. With controversy surrounding this season for Kansas, Coach Self’s mindset training was absolutely essential to get this team to play well.

Tournament Outlook

Kansas is a lock for the NCAA Tournament no matter what happens in the Big 12 Tournament. Their potential matchups in the upcoming tournament could have them play the Longhorns and Bears which are no easy task. If Kansas is able to win any games in the Big 12 Tournament they should be a lock for a number one seed in the tournament. With 2 or more wins this Kansas team should be the best team in the tournament and have a favorable schedule to get to the Final Four. The only question remains is whether Kansas can continue to win enough games to get there. I think it is very possible that this team reaches the Final Four, but I think they have to slip up in order for that to happen. I expect his team to fall in the Big 12 Tournaments and make a run at the Final Four.

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