It is very strange for a fanbase to want their coach fired following a season where he took them to the conference finals for the first time in over a decade. But, interestingly enough, that’s the morale around Dallas. The Mavs are currently 14-14, sitting at 9th in the Western Conference. From the tape, it looks like this team’s ceiling is the first round of the playoffs, which is a big problem considering they were in the conference finals last season. So, who should the fingers be pointed at?

So far, the Mavs have HEAVILY relied on Luka Doncic. In games he hasn’t played in, they are getting blown out. Even with him, they have lost to the Pistons without Cade Cunningham, the Magic without Paolo Banchero, and the Houston Rockets. This team really has no rhythm on offense, and it’s clearly evident. The ball is in Luka’s hands, and if he’s not driving to the basket, then the ball moves around the perimeter until a three pointer is put up. Dallas doesn’t have a player who has the ability to create their own shot (with the exception of Luka). They traded for Power Forward Christian Wood, but he’s been on the bench, limiting the time he’s played with Luka. Jason Kidd has yet to provide a good reason as to why this is the case, but when Wood and Luka are on the floor, they are able to work the pick and roll as well as anyone else. 

Looking at this Mavs roster, they clearly aren’t championship-built. It’s quite a shock that they were just 2 games away from the NBA Finals just a season ago. Losing Jalen Brunosn is a big reason why. Outside of Luka Doncic, this team is built for Victor Wembenyama. Dallas’ front office has done a very poor job of surrounding Luka with a good lineup. They’ve had 5 years, there’s no excuses. They had the opportunity to sign Bradley Beal or Zach Lavine this offseason, DeMar DeRozan last season, and various other stars. This front office has been reluctant to throw the bag at these players, but it’s costing them. And it will continue to cost them if no action is taken. 

When looking at this roster, though, is Jason Kidd really to blame? What pieces is he dealt with to compete with teams like the Bucks and Cavs? Sure, he’s been pretty terrible with managing lineups, but when your team’s expectation is to be one of the last team’s alive, you should have 3 all star caliber players, or 2 with a lot of depth. There’s no player on this team other than Doncic and Dinwiddie who can be ball dominant. Yes, Kemba Walker can, but he isn’t getting minutes. Taking a look at other teams contending, they have rosters consisting of James Harden/Joel Embiid, Trae Young/Dejounte Murray, Giannis/Jrue Holiday/Middleton, Ayton/Booker/Paul, and a few more. This Mavs team doesn’t have anyone NEAR a second star. I think part of this falls on the coach and front office. No, Kidd shouldn’t be fired, but this front office really needs to step it up. 

Top Photo: Tom Pennington-Getty Images

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