The college football season has finally come back to us. We are back in a world where anything can happen. Where the unpredictable occurs every single week and a place where no team is safe. Thousands of screaming fans will return to the once vacant seats ready for the action to start. The aromas of popcorn and hot dogs will line as the pigskin flies into the air once again. Coach Corso will put on a mascot every single week and a fan base will lose their undrafted hopes every single week. The world of chaos is back, college football is back.

It is simply one of the best times of the year for any sports fans during this time. All sports are starting to get close to their season beginning with college football kicking off the start of sports. With that being said we will start to find the marquee matchups and when they happen to be on the calendar we will break it down. This week’s prime matchup features #3Clemson taking on #5Georgia in what looks to be an absolute thriller for all of us at home. More specifically in this matchup, we will look at DJ Uiagalelei and his stock heading into this year. Is he ready enough to guide this team to victory? Or is he going to disappoint everyone backing the Tigers this year? Let’s Rewind That Tape on DJ Uiagalelei.

The number one thing that stands out to me about how he looks this year is his confidence. DJ looks more steady when going through the progressions and just looks less nervous compared to the peak we got at him in the game vs Notre Dame last year. Uiagalelei was showing more neves in an important game in which he was thrust into which was unfortunate for the team. The loss would also be the lone look that we got of him on a competitive stage. With the limited looks we have got of him he has been absolutely incredible from a confidence standpoint which is no doubt giving him a great shot at the Heisman this year due to that fact. He is going to be the biggest transition piece that we have seen from this offense in a very long time. Lawerence was an absolute beast his freshman year so it is going to be important that he is able to take similar steps in order for Clemson to be in the hunt for the championship this year.

Let’s talk about the team for a little bit. The main issue that I think that DJ is going to have to face is the fact that this team is going to struggle to have a balanced offense due to the mix of running backs the team is going to mess around with. The team has yet to decide on the back that is replacing Travis Etienne. This is definitely going to create some problems for Clemson especially if they can establish the run in not only this game but in others as well.

Now back to Uiagalelei, he is not just a guy who is just going to pass the ball for the team. This guy is mobile and strong enough to make a real impact on what the teams do for stopping the run as well. DJ is big enough and strong enough where he can run over people with ease. This would easily be. a problem for opposing teams who can’t decide on what to protect first on the ground of the secondary. Throwing for 439 yards in the loss to Notre Dame definitely boosts his stock for his throwing ability as well. There is no doubt that the capability is there it is whether he is mentally in a better state than the OT period against Notre Dame. With the confidence he is saying that he has due to him already having the starting job, it may be time to recognize that he could be really good. There is no big questions for Clemson other than if he is next in the line of Clemson greats. If he is there is no doubt Clemson should be able to win this game in a narrow contest. If you don’t believe that this is the right guy for the Tigers I would go the other way for this game. This isn’t a game where I would really bet on one team heavily because I don’t know what either side has. If I had to say, I would say that I don’t know if DJ is ready for this stage but the Clemson coaching helps them win this game by a field goal.

Clemson 34 Georgia 31

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