Dominant. That is the USA basketball team. Every year we roll out a squad that consistently steamrolls everyone else. The USA National team has produced some memorable teams, most notably the Dream Team, but no team creates the excitement you get when watching USA Soccer or any other sport that has a closer field. If World Cup basketball had more stakes, more competition than Americans would tune in. Watching closer games creates anticipation and pulls fans. This is how the USA Basketball team can be more than the ultimate super team. 

Why we should change

USA Basketball has become less and less a collection of the best players in the league, and more like a few All-Stars and a bunch of vets who want to win a gold medal. The top stars chose to spend their time training, with family, or at their movie premier. This is one of the biggest reasons why Olympic Basketball has never grown to major heights. After players had gotten their first medal there was no reason to get another, that is why we never see the best NBA players on the court together. The one thing that used to be fun about the Olympics was seeing the best of the best play with each other, the top talents in the world showcasing their talents together. Now it has gotten to a point where Team USA has 5-6 superstars and the rest of the roster is filled with vets or role players. There are so many better players than Kevin Love, Jerami Grant, or Zach Lavine. Team USA can become so much more than a place for players with nothing left to do in the offseason. 

The Prospects

One way that the U.S can make their Olympic team more engaging and attract viewers is by adding draft prospects to their roster. If the U.S could add players such as Cade Cunnignham or Even Mobley, looking for chances to prove themselves before the draft. These young players would also get to play with established stars, giving them an access to life as an NBA player that is rarely documented. Not only would it allow the Olympics to become something more, but it would also intrigue many fans. These players are the future of the league, and seeing them in action with All-Stars competing for our country can add a whole new dynamic to the draft. Seeing these hugely hyped up prospects playing against professionals, will allow teams and fans to see what each player may bring to the team that drafts them. This could be a new beginning for USA Basketball, moving away from Dream Teams and towards prospects and players that can add to the hype around the Olympics. 

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