5 Best Fits for Colin Kaepernick

The name Colin Kaepernick has been featured everywhere in the sports world recently, and many people are anticipating his NFL return. His role may not be the same as it was with San Francisco, but he still has a lot of time to prove haters wrong. Being out of the league for four years will surely affect him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play. Kaepernick may be a backup in some places, or maybe a starter. Regardless, he will still need time to get back to the NFL routine. In this article, I will break down if he will be a backup or starter, as well as talk about what you can expect when and if he gets playing time. (List of teams is NOT in order)

 Los Angeles Chargers:

Starter or Backup? Backup

Head Coach Anthony Lynn and the Los Angeles Chargers have started to show interest in Kaepernick, and said “it would be crazy” not to have Colin Kaepernick on their workout list. However, the situation in L.A. is a confusing one. After drafting Justin Herbert, they have seemed pretty set on keeping him as the backup, and Tyrod Taylor as the starter. If they were to stick to this plan, Kaepernick wouldn’t get much playing time, but we would see him more in the preseason. It’ll likely take a few weeks to get back to the NFL norm on any team, so Kaepernick may look a little rusty when starting out. But for a struggling Chargers team, they can’t ask for a lot, other than continuous improvement. 

 Jacksonville Jaguars:

Starter or Backup? Starter (Potentially)

The Jacksonville Jaguars have lost almost all hope, and are a lost team. Gardner Minshew will be their starter for 2020, and Mike Glennon will serve as the backup. If Kaepernick wants an immediate opportunity, Jacksonville is one of the teams he should consider going to. The Jags are a rebuilding team, but they do have some talent. D.J. Chark and Leonard Fournette will be there to lead the offense, as well as DeDe Westbrook. If Gardner Minshew were to have a not so good first few weeks, Colin Kaepernick could work his way into the starting lineup midseason. If Kaepernick wants to prove something early on, Jacksonville is one of the teams where he could do so. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Starter or Backup? Backup

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had one of the best offseasons, obviously headlines by acquiring Quarterback Tom Brady. If Colin Kaepernick were to sign with the Bucs, there would be many great people to learn from. Tom Brady and Bruce Arians are two great examples. Kaepernick would be able to gain a lot of advice from Brady, as well as see how he does in tough situations. With Bruce Arians, he would have some of the best coaching a quarterback can get in the NFL. Arians has shown his love for throwing the football. Teaching Kaepernick the skills to throw a good football can be vital for the future. In many situations, we will see Kaepernick as a backup in 2020, but maybe next season, he could be a starter elsewhere. 

 Los Angeles Rams:

Starter or Backup? Backup 

After not making the playoffs the year after making the Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Rams have a lot of questions to answer. Losing Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks doesn’t help, but not all hope is lost. Colin Kaepernick could end up being a great fit for the Rams for a couple of reasons. One, is because of Sean McVay. McVay has shown that he can give quarterbacks the boost they need to be an accurate and precise thrower. Although Kaepernick wouldn’t get the starter role here, he can still contribute to the offense. Because Jared Goff isn’t much of a running quarterback, the Rams could use Kaepernick similar to how the Saints use Taysom Hill. Running with him wouldn’t be a bad option when they need a few yards on 3rd and short, or when in the red zone. One of the great things about Colin Kaepernick is that teams can use him in any way. He is a crafty quarterback, who is a dual threat, and has great size. 

New England Patriots:

Starter or Backup? Starter 

Jarrett Stidham stands as the starter for New England, and Brian Hoyer will be the backup. The Pats have an offense that needs a lot of improvement, and a defense who lost a lot of weapons. A rebuilding team. Colin Kaepernick could eventually prove the Patriots organization that he can be a starter, but he will have to wait for a little bit. Like the situation in Jacksonville, it would most likely be midseason if we can see Kaepernick play. If Stidham doesn’t perform up to expectation, it will be the next man up for New England. Colin Kaepernick has a lot to prove in 2020, and having a decent season in New England could give him a better opportunity come 2021 if he wishes to do so.

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