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San Diego State has made a amazing run to make their way to the Final Four. They upset the number one overall team in Alabama and have been playing dominant defense. They have plenty of potential on this team and could win a national championship if they play on their terms. They have a slow paced offense which pairs perfectly with their stellar defense. They have stifled every team in the tournament and look like a strong opponent in their game against Florida Atlantic. 

Florida Atlantic has made one of the greatest Cinderella runs we have seen in a while. They are attempting to be the first team to play in the national championship as a nine seed or worse. FAU seems to be strong in close games which should favor them in these final games. Beating teams like Kansas State and Tennessee should give them the respect they deserve in the Final Four. The way they have been finding ways to win gives them an opportunity to win the title. My only worry is that SDSU’s stifling defense catches FAU in a deficit early. 

Both of these teams have made terrific runs to get to this point in the tournament. With that being said, FAU’s season is going to come down to how well they can rebound. Keeping SDSU off the board on both sides will favor them dramatically. SDSU doesn’t have the best offense and Dusty May should be able to keep his team locked in on rebounding. Although I still think SDSU’s defense is going to be the biggest issue for the Owl’s. Limiting FAU from getting hot gives the game to the Aztecs. SDSU 61 FAU 56 

Offense! Miami carries the best offense into the Final Four and should be able to use that to their advantage. They can outshoot anyone especially if they are hot. The issue is of course on the other side of the court. Defense is going to be an issue for the Hurricanes especially down in the paint. If Miami wants to keep dancing they will have to have an incredible offensive performance. Otherwise they will be packing their bags after a historic season for their program. 

UConn has been the best team in the tournament by far. They have dominated everyone they have played and deserve to be in the position they are in. UConn has been dominant on defense throughout the tournament which has been the reason they have been able to blow everyone out. On offense they focus on high percentage shots which ultimately leads to good basketball. UConn has impressed me the most in the tournament. Beating Gonzaga by 28 is no easy task and these guys were able to handle them easily. 

UConn’s defense is ultimately the issue. They stifle the explosive Miami offense leading to a quick opening deficit. By the time Miami is back and flowing again the game is going to be too out of reach. The UConn offense dominates the paint leading to another win by just doing the easy stuff right. UConn 78 Miami 70

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San Diego St have been one of the strongest defensive teams, especially on the perimeter. FAU, on the other hand, have been one of the most successful teams shooting from beyond the arc in the tournament. That being said, I feel like FAU will find their way around this issue once the game goes on. I got the Owls.

FAU 67- SDSU 63

Miami vs UCONN

The Huskies had an impressive showing in the Elite Eight, completely locking down Drew Timme and the Zags. All tournament long, they’ve responded on the defensive end. However, the Hurricane also have overcome every obstacle in their way, including being down double digits to one of the better defenses in College Basketball. Miami just has so many go-to weapons, that I can’t choose against them. 

Miami 72- UCONN-70

Jay Prubz 

If you look at Miami’s last game against Texas, it says everything about this team. To rally from a double-digit deficit and come back speaks to the character of this team. They also have great versatility with the ability to win in the paint with the likes of Norchad Omir, but also control the perimeter with Isaiah Wong. UConn is one of those teams you just don’t want to face. Their top scorers in Adama Sanoga, 6”9, and Jordan Hawkins, 6”5, are big scoring wings that make this team so hard to defend against. In the end, it is just going to be up to how hard Miami fights and I think they will fight tooth and nail to make it to the Final. 

Miami 56 vs. UConn 54 -JayPrubz

It may seem like I’m jumping on the bandwagon, but I had FAU going far in this tournament. The Final Four was a surprise, but after that Memphis game definitely was going to be making some waves. With Johnell Davis back in the starting lineup, FAU has a premier scorer who is showing what he can do at the highest college level. San Diego State, on the other hand, is built on grit and an ability to just out-hustle anyone they go against. For both of these teams to get here they needed all the heart and grit possible, but I can’t see FAU losing because of the number of scorers they have available to hopefully crack that SDSU defense. FAU 65 vs. SDSU 57 3

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