In this article, we are talking about the best picks against the spread. Last week I started really well getting my first two picks both right. Afterward, I went 0-3 with the nail in the coffin being the Browns blow out loss. Although that is not good, the first two picks were my picks that I deemed more likely and both of those were true. Regarding the Browns, well I mean they are the Browns, and I should have factored that in. But moving on to this week let’s talk about why you should watch the Jags.

The Jaguars went 0-4 in their last four games which are arguably the easiest part of their schedule. Their next three games are Chargers, Texans, and Packers. All three of these teams have a good offense and the Jags defense, well you know. It is going to be easy not to pick the Jags for the next three weeks and if their offense stays mediocre it just gets easier. This season might really make them change their stance on Minshew being the QB of the future. The first pick isn’t that far away from them. For now, though they start this week’s picks. (remember picks go in order from most likely to least likely)

1. Los Angles Chargers (-7.5) vs Jacksonville Jaguars 4:25 PM ET CBS

Once again, it is pretty easy to feel confident to pick against the Jaguars right now. They just are not in a good place and should be reviewing their stance ongoing for that number one pick. The Chargers offense is just playing really well right now. They got robbed last week when they played the Saints in a game where they should have won. The Charger’s defense will be important to show that they can play well. They have struggled to stay healthy and this would be a really big chance for them to prove themselves.

LAC 34 JAX 23

2. Tampa Bay Bucs (-3.5) vs Las Vegas Raiders 8:20 PM ET NBC

COVID-19 places a huge part in this game. The Raiders have had limited practice with their offensive line because of the virus. Gruden has said how important that running the ball would be in their offense. I just don’t see it being any more successful than it was last week. On the other side, the Bucs are coming off a huge win and should continue their win streak. They are just in a really good spot right now and it is hard not to pick them here. Tom has his confidence and is opening on the offense on the ground as well. We will see how much the Bucs keep the ball on the ground after their dominant performance against the Packers.

TB 34 LVR 28

3. Kansas City Chiefs (-9.5) vs Denver Broncos 4:25 PM ET CBS

The Kansas Chiefs have had plenty of success in their offense playing a lot more balanced as well. Teams know that they have a quarterback who can sling the ball so instead, they move the ball on the ground, and they do it well. The Broncos defense has improved, but you got to look at the other side. Their offense just isn’t the same without Courtland Sutton and Drew Lock. Sure they knocked off the Patriots, but they also did so kicking field goals. Field goals are not going to help you knock off the defending Super Bowl Champions.

KC 34 DEN 17

4. Tennessee Titans (-1) vs Pittsburgh Steelers 1 PM ET CBS

The Titans are lead by the best running back in the NFL right now and the most dangerous offense. They have a head coach is controlling the defense and being creative in his packages and blitzing. On the other side, you have an offense who has played well enough and the top defense in the league. They are both undefeated and someone is getting their first loss. The first thing I am thinking about is injuries. The Steelers are going to be without Devin Bush this game and quite honestly that is a game-changer. You can’t lose a front seven guy and be confident going against Derrick Henry. This could get rough, but I have faith in the Steelers defense.

TEN 31 PIT 24

5. Dallas Cowboys (-1) at Washington Football Team

What has happened to the faith in the Dallas Cowboys? Yes, they lost in a bad way against the Cardinals, but this is still low. The loss last week also featured two Zeke fumbles early which really were crushing blows to the Cowboys. They are not going to have a bad week every week and Dalton is a capable backup. The Redskins defense is not terrible. Yeah, I said that they have shown they can get pressure up there it just isn’t consistent. The pass coverage is really what kills this team and then there is the offense. The Cowboys bounce back this week and get a much-needed win with the sloppy division.

DAL 31 WAS 21

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