The Micheal Jordan documentary has taken the world by storm. When most people are sitting at home and have nothing to do, this documentary gives them two hours of goodness. This doc has been helping many people take their mind off the state of the world right now, and focus on something not as sad as this virus. 

When this documentary was first aired, it was viewed by around 6.1 million viewers. The documentary has given inside look into the final season of MJ and Bulls, and has dove into the biggest dramas and smallest moments. After kicking the season off with the uncertainty of the Bulls ‘94 season, this show has shown the backstories of some of the biggest players on that Bulls team. The show has also given many people access to the stuff going on behind the scenes and behind closed doors. 

This doc may have come at one of the best possible times. When all of sports has been cancelled or suspended, the Last Dance has given an outlet back into sports. So many people have rallied behind this doc as a way to get many people’s mind off this troubling time. When we need sports the most, the doc has let us enjoy one of the best eras in basketball history from a totally different perspective.

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  • Sports Illustrated/Jimmy Traina

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