The title of this article serves no disrespect to the Los Angeles Rams, and what they have done so far. These guys pulled an upset off against their division winners in the Wild Card, and are going up to face the Packers in Wisconsin this weekend. This article is simply based on watching this team play on T.V., and how they are different from others.

When we look at this divisional round coming up right around the corner, there is nothing but hype to watch all these games. We got the battle of the 2018 draft class featuring the Bills and Ravens, we have a college classic with Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes, and then of course, Brees vs Brady. We also have Aaron Rodgers and the red hot Packers taking on Jared Goff and the L.A. Rams. Watching all these teams, we are all looking forward to seeing that one player dominate. For the Ravens, it’s Lamarvelous’ legs, for the Bills, it’s what more can Allen and Diggs do, for the Browns, it’s can the underdogs come out victorious again? But when you look at the Rams, it’s all about their defense. That defense is no doubt top 5, but are they really something worth watching? Most people love to see Jalen Ramsey trash talk, but that Rams defense is all about getting offenses off the field. Nothing wrong with that, but from a viewer’s perspective, the highlight reel plays are what we look for.  

The Rams are in a tough situation with Jared Goff. He got the win, but the way he played wasn’t impressive. 9/19, 155 yards, and a touchdown. If we are being realistic, that 100% won’t be enough to defeat the Packers. Ever since Goff signed the 4 year, $134 million extension, his play has been below average most of the times. The offense has just looked sluggish, and it starts with Goff. Other offenses have that playmaker, but Goff clearly isn’t the answer for Los Angeles, and it’s clearly visible when you watch the games. One brightspot, though, for the Rams has been running back Cam Akers. Without the rookie, there might not be a divisional round game for the Rams. Rushing for over 100 yards, this man put the offense on his back. And he’s a rookie. It’s very rare to see that especially with a team that was just in the Super Bowl a couple years back. 

Back to the “meh” part of this team. It just feels like when you watch them, that the opponent is the one being talked about. The Rams start out with a stagnant offense, their defense forces a punt or gets a turnover, then a 3 and out to follow, or occasionally a score. We’ve seen this offense perform at a high level, take the Monday Night win over the Bucs for example. But, most of the time, Jared Goff just isn’t enough for this team to do something special or crazy. The defense is great, but what people want to see are those highlight reel plays. You gotta do whatever it takes to win, the Jalen Ramsey, Aaron Donald, and the rest of the L.A. defense can’t put points on the board every game. Especially against the Packers. 

All in all, it needs to be Jared Goff finding Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp (if he plays) accurately, to get the win. The Packers are one of the, if not the best team in football right now, and the defense isn’t something you can rely on going against a Hall of Fame quarterback. Before the playoffs, the thing that the Rams were talked about was giving the New York Jets their first win of the season. The team is inconsistent, but what they need are some big plays to give them momentum in order to move on.

Top Photo: CBS Sports

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