With the news of a season restart for the NBA many sports fans are looking at the MLB and wondering what is going on. Before the shutdown the MLB was set to start in March. The commissioner of the MLB has yet to give any timeline for when this restart will happen, and many fans have gotten anxious watching sports like basketball starting back up. 

With news of many major sports leagues starting up the MLB has shown signs that they want to come back, but there is much dispute between the players and the league. The league has tried putting multiple plans into place, but the players have vetoed their plans continuously. Many players and fans are getting tired of waiting for the MLB to figure it out, and are getting impatient. Comments such as the one by star Bryce Harper that jokingly says that he wants to join the Philadelphia eagles, shine light on the fact that the MLB needs to start making some moves. To make matters worse commissioner Rob Manfred has gone back on his statement that the MLB will 100% start. During this time of confusion it seems as though the MLB lacks the ability to make swift and strong decisions that may cost them in the future. 

Not only is the restart of the league an important issue, but we haven’t seen the MLB on the stage pushing for racial justice and social reform. The league that was once at the forefront of racial justice seems to have been pushed back. Leagues such as the NBA has seen many leaders speaking out and pushing for change. NBA stars such as Lebron James and coaches such as Greg Popovich have been speaking out against racism. We have seen players such as Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton speaking out, but the collective resolve that leagues such as the NBA exhibit are not shown in the MLB. 

The MLB seems to have lost some of its function and quickness, and other sports are gaining ground upon America’s pastime. If MLB is to get at the forefront of sports headlines, it needs to start making some changes and fast. 

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