After the blockbuster trade that sent James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets, everyone seemed to jump on the idea that Bradley Beal was going to be the next superstar traded. The Wizards are at the bottom of the East, and as the losses keep piling up it seems like Beal’s frustration keeps growing. Yet reports have said that Beal is not looking for a trade out of Washington and wants to build a winner in D.C. Every sign is saying that he should be demanding a trade, but he is still in D.C and neither side is looking to part ways. 

 Bradley Beal wants to win with D.C, but after multiple seasons out of the playoffs Washington does not seem to be in contention any time soon. The Wizards traded away John Wall and a first for Russell Westbrook, but they have not seen the production from him that could  justify the trade. The Wizards are entering a rebuild whether the Wizards like it or not, and desperate trades such as the Westbrook trade are just hindering the Wizards ability to gather assets for the future. By trading Beal the Wizards would get a nice return of young players that they could build around, but while Beal is a superstar he does not fit with the overall direction of the Wizards. The Wizards could get the utmost value from him by shipping him to a contender such as the Heat, and getting players such as Herro would help boost the future outlook of the Wizards. Beal is just giving the Wizards empty stats at the moment, so the most rational decision for Washington would be to get the best players for their future. Beal is in the mindset of building a winner out of Washington, but this organization has been incapable of getting the pieces around Beal for seasons. By being traded to a team such as the Heat, Beal could finally see success in the postseason. 

Both sides, Beal and the organization, seem set on staying put but a trade would be beneficial for both sides. It seems like only a matter of time before Beal gets traded, and even though Beal and the Wizards are saying otherwise  it would be beneficial for both sides if they part ways. 

Top Image: Mike D. Sykes/ForTheWin

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