The 4th vs. 5th playoff game is supposed to be the highlight of the first round. In the east, everyone was getting ready to see Atlanta vs. New York in what was supposed to be a tight series. Instead Atlanta won the first game in New York, and finished off the Knicks in 5 games. Not really the awesome series that everyone was looking for. In the second round, Atlanta is facing the number one team in the east, the Philadelphia 76ers. After 4 games the series is tied 2-2, and before the series started it looked like the 76ers might take it in 5 or 6 games. Atlanta is the surprise in this playoff, and a combination of great shooting and offense has helped the Hawks hold their own against the 76ers. 

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Part of the huge wave of free agent signings in the offseason, Bogdanovic came over from the Sacramento Kings. He was brought in to provide secondary ball handling and scoring in the absence of Trae Young. He has been doing exactly that, averaging 16 points per game and giving the Hawks a reliable scorer in the backcourt when most of the attention is on Trae Young. He has also been shooting 50% from 3 in the last 10 games, which is truly incredible. This is why the 76ers have had such a tough time stopping this Atlanta offense, because the backcourt has great shooting and scoring that is almost impossible to stop. Bogdanovic has been easily the best addition to the Atlanta Hawks, because of his ability to fill Trae Young’s void when he is on the bench and compliment Young when he is on the floor.  

Ice Trae and Some Luck

Trae Young, the Hawks shining star. He has been averaging 28 ppg and 10 assists, leading this surging Hawks team. His impact on this team can not be understated. Every team in the playoffs needs a guy that can make a shot when the team needs it most. Young is that guy, whether it is a tough finish at the rim or a logo three he seems to have the package of a young Damian Lillard. The Hawks have all of the ingredients for a strong playoff push and that includes a little luck. Joel Embiid has been dealing with knee injuries and does not look like the MVP contender he was. In the second half of game 4, he went 0 for 12 missing some crucial shots down the stretch. This was a very unEmbiid type performance, and the Hawks capitalized. They will need to continue to exploit the weakness of this 76ers team if they want any chance of making it to the Conference Finals. 

Top Image: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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