We are through one week of the NFL season and there are already frontrunners for the upcoming Super Bowl. Some fans will continue to hold on to false hope that their team has any shot at contending while others are already prepared for a tanking season. That is just how the NFL is, and after one week it is normally plenty of time to determine who is good and who is not. It is a cutthroat league with the best team coming out on top most of the time. That is what makes the league so enjoyable year in and year out. You know that the other team is better than you, you could go for a perfect game and still find a way to lose that game. Then there are some days where the perfect team isn’t ready and find themselves getting upset. It is just the chaotic nature of football.

After one week of football, I already know who is going to win the Super Bowl this year. Let’s Rewind That Tape. The biggest games were the Cowboys vs Bucs and the Cheifs vs Browns in week one. The Cowboys game went exactly how I thought it was going to go which was quite entertaining for the average fan. While the Cowboys did not win the game they showed a big improvement from last year which is important at the end of the day. The Cowboys needed a special performance from Dak in order to win that game and he was almost perfect in the entire game. While the Cowboys lost the game I do think they will be able to make it back into contention. At the end of the day, I think they find themselves with an NFC Championship rematch against the Bucs where they fall short again.

It is pretty simple to see that Tom Brady looks even better than he did last year. He made the most difficult throws possible and made everyone on the field happy. How can this team lose a single game when every time the ball is released so many options are available. Antonio Brown even had a great game which is not something I was expecting to say coming into this season. AB is going to be a huge threat for all defenses looking to contain the Bucs this year. Brady was making the hardest throws look very simple and it is easy to see why and how the Bucs won this game. In the future, Tom Brady only gets better which is why I am betting against the Cowboys in that game. Brady is going to have over 4 touchdowns in this year’s NFC championship no matter who they play.

Then there is the AFC which is owned by the Kansas City Cheifs the past two years. The Cheif’s biggest attraction is the weapons they surrounded Mahomes with. It is hard for a QB to be in much trouble when you have talent all around you. Usually this team is able to cruise by the teams they play which is why the Browns game was very interesting. The Browns were able to run with the Cheifs and even hold them multiple times throughout the game. The Brown’s defense was not great at times yet the Browns still had a very good chance to win that game. The Cheifs didn’t deserve the win yet they escaped in a good matchup in Kansas City. I am not saying the Cheifs didn’t win the game, I am simply saying they could have been better in that game. A lot of throws were placed in places that should have led to an interception but ended with a catch.

The Browns on the other hand looked like a great team for 80% of the game. That was the problem for them at the end of the game. They needed that little but in order to get them across the finish line in this game. The Nick Chubb fumble was the biggest blow to the game as the momentum switched immediately to the Cheifs after that big play. The Browns had a shot late, but the Cheifs defense stepped up and won them the game. The Browns deserved better in the game and ultimately couldn’t get it done. The most important thing to say about this team is Baker Mayfield looks really good this year and Nick. Chubb looked even better. This team will be even better when Odell Beckam Jr. returns for them.

That brings me to my Super Bowl Champion. The Bucs will be in on the NFC and I believe we have just seen the AFC Championship preview as well. Although the game stays at Arrowhead, I think the Browns will pull this one out. Browns and Bucs in the Super Bowl and this time the kid from OU beats out the Goat in the championship. Father time doesn’t defeat Brady, but he certainly doesn’t help him. Baker and Chubb’s attack lead to the victory for the Browns bringing a celebration that will be like no other in Cleveland.

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