January 26th a day that will live on in the history of not only sports, but in the world. Kobe was one of the people that blessed us with his presence upon the earth. Whether it was from his infectious smile or his random Italian phrases. From game winner to husband father, Kobe was all. Bryant will never be forgotten and he will always be apart of the game. His greatness will live on long after we live our lives. Kobe is one of the greatest of all time in my book and he has touched the modern game more than he could know. Jayson Tatum would be a fine example of a player directly modeled after the Great Black Mamba. LeBron James was another player who had such a big impact on Kobe leaving the game.

Who really was Kobe Bryant? Who has the Black Mamba? You may think that Kobe may say the basketball was his greatest love. Kobe was always a girl dad. His kids always came first in his life and he loved them with a passion. They made a sacrifice letting him play his career working in the gym every time. The mamba mentality would never ever end and Kobe put his life on hold to play the game. He loved the game more than anyone in our game could know. A legend. A father. A Mamba.

It wouldn’t be a Kobe remembrance article without adding Kobe’s greatest moments.

1. The Mamba dropped 81 points on the Raptors. They needed him all the way this time after Kobe previously had sat down in the fourth when he had a chance to do the same. This was simply legendary, only behind the 100 point performance Wilt Chamberlain.

2. The Kobe to Shaq lob. They won on a lob pass from Kobe to Shaq that went over Scottie Pippen. Not to mention this was in the Western Conference Finals to win the game.

3. When Kobe passed to Ron for the game. Kobe actually passed the ball to Ron Artest who knocked down the shot to ultimately win them the game.

Kobe will always be remembered. The legacy he left behind will be there till the end of time. May he ever rest in peace. I hope his work and his sacrifice are not forgotten as the next generation starts to take over the league. Mamba Out.

Top picture by NBC

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