The NBA trade deadline is on March 25th and there could be some big names on the move. We could see teams making moves with some of their young stars, and getting huge returns.

John Collins

After turning down the Atlanta Hawks extension of 90million+, Collins has made it clear that he wants a max extension. That is not something the Hawks seem willing to do after spending big in free agency, and with impending extensions for Trae Young coming up. Atlanta already has two bigs, Clint Capela and Onyeka Okongwu. The Hawks used their first rounder on Okongwu, and they seem to be making moves with the idea that Collins will be gone at the deadline. It would not be hard to find a trade partner for a stretch big that is averaging 18ppg and 8 rebounds per game. The only thing that has held the Hawks back from trading Collins is the prospect that him, Young, and the Hawks breakout candidate De’Andre Hunter might be something special. That might be true but the Hawks should try and get something in return for Collins before they either overspend on Collins or let him go for nothing in free agency. 

Victor Oladipo 

This is probably the most talked about name in the NBA. After turning down the 2-year extension from the Houston Rockets it seems like a matter of time before he is moved. People have Dipo going to teams like the Heat, Warriors, and any other contender. He has been scoring 20ppg and for a team in need of scoring, he could be an instant difference maker. Oladipo can make his own shot, and create for others. On one of the worst teams in the NBA, Dipo has been shooting 40% from the field. This is a solid mark, and will probably rise when he isn’t forced to carry the offensive load on a better team. There have been reports that the Warriors are not interested in trading for Oladipo because the Rocket’s asking price was too high, but the Rockets will surely drop their asking price as time goes on. 

Zach LaVine 

It would seem crazy to flip a first time all-star who has been playing out of his mind. I think that is exactly what the Bulls will do. LaVine has played the best in his career, but there is no guarantee that he will continue this superstar pace the entire season, and into the next seasons. The Bulls are not looking for production now, but for success in the future. If that means flipping LaVine for a massive return, then the Bulls should seriously consider an offer like that. There must be at least one team in the NBA who needs a young scoring wing who can push them over the brink. The Bulls might make themselves believe that they can compete with LaVine, but they don’t even have a winning record. LaVine will be entering his prime in a couple of years, he is 26, and the Bulls still seem like they aren’t ready to compete. That’s why the Bulls need to capitalize on this superstar season from LaVine and get pieces for the future. 

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