Aaron Rodgers has just stated that his future in the league and with the Packers is uncertain, and many other coaches and execs believe that Rodgers may be on his way out. While the Packers GM is saying that they are not “idiots” and will be retaining Rodgers, but if this situation does go sideways we have got a couple teams that might be interested. 

San Francisco 49ers

This team is the most likely to make some kind of move for a quarterback, and if Rodgers becomes available there is no way that the 49ers aren’t in discussions for the 9 time Pro Bowler. This team has a stacked defense, a solid line and running games, and a group of talented pass catchers. The only variable missing from this list is a star QB, and Jimmy Garrapolo might be a decent quarterback but the 49ers are not going to win a Super Bowl with him. Aaron Rodgers is a proven winner, and automatically would take the 49ers into serious championship contention. The 49ers have a huge problem under center, and if someone of Rodger’s caliber is being shopped around, then we can be almost certain that the 49ers will be in the mix. While this trade would surely force the 49ers to give up multiple picks and some young players, the return would be 100% worth it. 

Chicago Bears 

The Chicago Bears seem to be getting contract extensions ready for Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace, and Mitch Trubiskey. The Bears have given Trubisky multiple chances to prove that he can be the QB of a playoff contender, but he continues to fail. The Bears are in the same boat as the 49ers with a solid defense, and talented players on the offense held back by lackluster quarterback play. Adding a star QB would raise the floor and ceiling for the Bears, just like it would for the 49ers. The one biggest thing separating the Bears and 49ers, is the team’s willingness to stay with Trubiskey even after being benched in favor of Nick Foles earlier in the season. If the Bears chose to keep Trubiskey and not enter into conversations for Rodgers, it might be as costly as the 2017 draft where they passed on Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. 

Denver Broncos 

This is the surprise team on our list, and compared to the other two teams it is very likely that the Broncos stick with Drew Lock for another season. Lock has played decently while healthy but has not shown the flashes then GM John Elway seemed to be looking for in a franchise QB. This offense is one of the most underrated with Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, and Noah Fant giving whoever is to be the Broncos QB a talented group to throw to. They also have a solid O-line and a dual headed running attack with Philip Lindsey and Melvin Gordan. The Broncos are still in their rebuild, with questions on defense and the offensive line, it might not be the ideal spot for Aaron Rodgers. If he does end up in the mile high city. though, it could bring stability at QB for the first time since Peyton Manning retired. In a division with the Chiefs seeing Rodgers vs. Mahomes two times a season will get any NFL out of their seat. While this is the most unlikely out of the three, it was the funnest to imagine and think about. 

The Packers would be smart to keep Rodgers and if they do trade him it might put Jordan Love in the spotlight a bit too quickly, considering that they probably want to keep him on the bench for three years just like Rodgers. A move made sending Rodgers to any team in the NFL would create shockwaves through the league, and might catapult one lucky team into the championship race. 

Top Image: Jeffery Philips/Associated Press

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