The NFL is set to go to camp on July 28th. Trying to keep up with the opening of the NBA and MLB, it seems like the NFL is trying to get it’s games going as soon as possible. Their season was not interrupted like the NBA, and the NFL is trying to start on schedule. With training camp coming closer, issues have arisen around player safety and starting back up. 

With the NFL training camp coming closer, many players are raising the question regarding their safety during this pandemic. The NFL has yet to release a plan on what would happen in the case that a player gets tested positive for the virus. The league also does not have any plan on how many times they are going to test the players, and as of now the teams will be deciding how many times players will be tested . This has caused much distress in the NFL community, and it is yet to be seen what the commissioner will do. Many players are voicing their concern about the NFL policies, and whether they will be reporting to camp. Many players are pushing for the NFL to be back, but they are also stating that there should be the correct safety precautions to keep the players and staff safe. This is an important issue for the NFL with the lives and safety of their players at risk. If the NFL doesn’t get their safety precautions sorted out, and players skip the season we could see a decrease of viewers as the NFL resumes. 

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